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Birding gift sets for wild bird lovers. Ready to use bird or squirrel feeders and other outdoor bird watching supplies.

Nugget feeding is a real crowd pleaser! Bluebird Nuggets are compacted morsels of blended fat-rich protein and fruits. Set up a Nugget Feeder and fill Bluebird Nugget Feeding Gift Set Save on our complete bird feeding package! Separately, these products would cost over $59.00—and they’re all best sellers! This package makes the perf Classic Bird Feeding Gift Set Ground Table is constructed of sturdy pine it's light-weight and easy to move. Birds large and small will feed from it easily. The tray measures 2 1/2 Ground Table Gift Set
Best Hummer Set - This best selling hummingbird feeder set comes with everything you need to start feeding hummingbirds in your garden. The set includ Hummingbird Best Feeder Gift Set This set features: The Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder, set of 3 hummingbird brushes, 24 oz. can of Clear Instant Nectar, the Ant Baffle and our top 5 hu Hummingbird Feeder Gift Set Ready to Use Nyjer Seed Stocking makes bird feeding as easy as opening the package and hanging it! Stocking comes filled with rich nourishing oil Nyje Instant Nyjer Stocking
Ready to Use Peanut Delight Suet Log makes bird feeding as easy as opening the package and hanging it! One of our most popular flavors of no-melt suet Instant Peanut Delight Suet Log Here's the Duncraft Nyjer Feeder along with 5 lbs. of Nyjer Seed, and a Seed Scoop. Feeder features six solid metal perches allowing several birds to Nyjer Feeder Gift Set One 22 inch stocking and 5 lbs. of Nyjer Seed. Goldfinches love our Nyjer Stocking Super-sized! Goldfinches do love eating their tiny oil-rich Nyjer s Nyjer Stocking Gift Set
Nyjer Gift Set. This package includes 2 Nyjer stockings and 5 lbs. of Nyjer seed. Goldfinches do love eating their tiny oil-rich Nyjer seed from our s Nyjer Thistle Gift Set Ready to Use Peanut Nuggets "Plus" makes bird feeding as easy as opening the package and hanging it! Our most popular flavor of nuggets comes in a rea Peanut Nuggets Feeder Secure seed storage. This all-steel bucket locks with lid and handle to keep seed dry and secure. The glossy red finish and subtle cardinal motif plea Seed Bucket 10lb Seed
This set features: Our Squirrel Blocker Selective Feeder, 5 lbs. of black oil sunflower seed, and our "Guide to Attracting More Birds". Outsmarting sq Squirrel Blocker Starter Set Give squirrels their own feeder. Naturally inquisitive, the agile squirrel will lift the lid on Pandora's Box, take out a snack, then the lid closes a Squirrel Feeder Box Wildlife Snack Teeter-tottering fun. Add this Teeter Totter to your squirrel’s 'playground'. Enjoy watching them go up and down, in pursuit of a nibble at an ear of Squirrel Feeder Corn on Cob Package
Squirrels can't resist a good challenge! They're intrigued by this spinning corn contraption—and determined to sink their teeth into the cobs. Corn at Squirrel Feeder Ears of Corn Watch your squirrels raise the roof! The squirrels will be so busy raiding this food storehouse, they’ll forget all about swiping bird seed. Rugged me Squirrel Feeder Wildlife Snack Gift Set Bungee jumping for squirrels. Diversion feeding reaches new heights of entertainment as squirrels leap at corn suspended 2 feet above the ground, and Squngee and Corn Set
Automatic Ball Feeder refills itself! This convenient feeder holds up to five suet or seed balls at one time. As one ball is consumed, the next one au Suet Ball Automatic Gift Set Suet loving birds will cling all over the metal wire to enjoy highly nutritious suet balls. All metal construction for superior durability. Coppery to Suet Ball Feeder Gift Set High protein Suet Plug Variety 5 Pack contains everything you need to get started. Woodpeckers, and other suet loving birds will find this treat irres Suet Plug Sample 5 Pack
This Haven Package includes Duncraft's Sunflower Haven feeder and 10 lbs. of black-oil sunflower seed! Top and base of feeder are crafted of metal wit Tube Birdfeeder Gift Set

A collection of ready to use gift sets for the bird lover or someone just starting out in their backyard bird watching hobby. Do you know someone who has caught the birding bug and wants to attract songbirds to their own habitat? The gift of birdsong is a special one! They make great gifts and are already complete with nothing else to purchase.