Supply shop for bird bath water misters, drippers, water wigglers. Birds are attracted by motion, sound of moving water. Create a backyard habitat for songbirds!

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Shop for water misters, drippers and bird baths water wigglers. Birds are attracted by motion and noise of moving water. The sound can attract flycatchers, warblers, thrushes or species who may not normally visit a backyard.

Rocky Mountain Bath Dripper Super Easy Water Mister Water Rippling Birdbath
Aurora Water Wiggler Solar Energy Powered Lighted Water Wiggler lights up at night, moves water during day time Stonecreek Waterfall Rock Pump
Comes in in natural or glazed white. Also in a ceramic cover, colors glazed white or natural


Motion and noise help attract wild birds

Birds are strongly attracted by the motion and noise of dripping water. The sound of water dripping into can attract flycatchers, warblers, thrushes and many birds that otherwise will not normally visit a backyard bath or feeder. Ready made wild bird bath drippers can be purchased in kits which include all of the necessary parts to add a drip system to your water. A drip or water wiggler will provide both the noise and the water surface motion bids are attracted to. The drippers can be attached to a outside faucet with a Y connection and not block up your outside water supply, and also put on timers such as sprinklers use if you wish. This way you may set your dripper to run for a few hours a day, helping to both attract songbirds and re-fill any water which has evaporated from your bathing station. Of course a timer is not necessary, simply an added luxury! There are also bird baths made of plastic that have a built in dripper that can be attached to a faucet in much the same manner.

Bird bath Placement

No matter what style wild bird bath you choose, it should be placed roughly 10 to 12 feet from the shelter of nearby shrubbery. Wild birds are cautious about bathing in open areas so nearby shrubs or trees are important, however, cats and other predators can hide behind shrubs and attack birds while bathing. You do not want have low growing plants or places for predators to hide, yet still provide birds with perches and security.