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Shop for sundial bird baths. Decorative antiqe style in the backyard décor and functional for attracting wild birds to a garden with water.

- Do you enjoy fishing, or know somebody who likes to? The Fisherboy Sundial Birdbath makes terrific lawn decor for anybody who prefers to be fishing. - Even an additional items that is ideal for any bird lwatcher! This delicately detailed bird bath will look wonderful in addition to existing exterior decor. -
- Roman Birdbath Sundial will make a true gift for you as well as avain friends. This piece is built of solid brass and has a unsmooth surface to prevent - -
Even if daily life is too busy to get out and sail on the water, let Cast Iron Sailboat Birdbath Sundial afford soothing sentiments of crystal clear skies - Sail forth with this Sailboat Sundial Birdbath! With this sundial birdbath, observe your two favorite things - birds and sailing boats - Weathered bronze -

Ground level bird baths are a natural for wild birds. They are used to bathing in puddles of water and will naturally be attracted to a bath which is placed on the ground. Placement is important! Make certain that you located a ground level bird bath away from low growing shrubs where predators can hide. Wild birds are vulnerable wile bathing and naturally wary when participating in this activity. While it is important to make sure that there are no hiding places for other animals which may attract birds, wild birds also wish to have a nearby tree or shrub which they may perch on to groom and preen. Pick a sunny location as birds enjoy bathing in the sun. A bath placed in full shade will not see as much activity as one placed in a more sunny area. Many thrushes and bluebirds are highly attracted to ground level bird baths and can become frequent visitors to your sanctuary.