Funny and amusing squirrel feeders for corn on the cob, peanuts and wildlife mix. Table hanging and tree mount. Feed the squirrels and distract them from bird feeders!

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Include a squirrel feeder in your backyard wildlife sanctuary! Don't always make it easy on the rascals and they will provide you with hours of laughs. After all, the squirrels have given you hours of grief adding baffles, complex hanging and mounting systems, protecting and generally trying to keep them out of your bird feeders. By providing the squirrels with their own feeding stations you may help deter them from your wild bird feeders.

Duncraft Squirrel Den Mount a house for wildlife in a backyard habitat. Squirrel box home, wooden shelter supplies Duncraft Squirrel House with Predator Guard
Big Head Squirrel Feeder Big Horse Head Squirrel Feeder Big Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder
Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder. Wildlife corn cob holder chair attaches to tree or post Squirrel Porch Swing Squirrel Corn Table
Duncraft Squirrel Chair Feeder Skewer 8 ears of dried corn on the cob in a backyard to feed wildlife. Easy to fill with cobs Corn Ring
Jack in the Box Squirrel Feeder Bottoms Up Squirrel Jar Feeder Down Under Squirrel Jar Feeder
Duncraft Eco Squirrel Jar Feeder Duncraft Jar Feeder Package Hanging Squirrel Jar Feeder
Eco Squirrel Jar Post Feeder Wooden with clear glass jar for hours of entertainment. Food is protected from rain and weather, attach Tree or post mount metal wildlife feeder with lift up roof. Fill with favorite peanuts, corn, wildlife
Metal Squirrel Package Original Pandora's Box Annoy squirrels with this wooden box. They must lift the lid, take out a peanut, lid automatically shuts
Recycled Squirrel Munch Box Eco Strong Squirrel Platform Funny, humorous feeder spins while squirrels try to grab a bite to eat. Durable powder coated steel
Squirrel Spinner Package Squirrel Corn Recliner Squirrel Diner
Squirrel Go Round Squirrel Silo Corn Feeder Eco Squirrel Table Chair
Eco-Squirrel Corn Suet Teeter. Teeter totter wildlife feeder hols 2 ears of dried corn or logs Three In One Squirrel Feeder Corn on the Tractor Squirrel Feeder
Tractor Corn on the Cob Feeder


Squirrel Feeder Placement

Be sure that you place squirrel feeders away from a house. Window feeders for squirrels are not recommended. You do not want them moving into your home! They do chew things at an alarming rat and can easily destroy screens, window sills and wood. Place squirrel feeders away from your bird feeding stations so that they don't monopolize bird feeders. If the squirrel feeder is available, hopefully they will leave bird feeders alone.

Place your squirrel feeder near shrubs or cover to provide them an easy escape should a predator suddenly appear. Hawks and domestic cats are a particular problem and squirrels need a place to hide quickly.

Another thing to consider if you are adding squirrel care to your refuge is to provide water. Squirrels drink a lot so providing a ground bird bathwhich squirrels may drink out of is very attractive to them. We have found in our own backyards that the squirrels easily share ground bird baths with the birds.

Hand Feeding Squirrels
We recommend that you not encourage squirrels to take food from your hand. If a squirrel does this, let it be the squirrel's choice. While a squirrel might do this, they are still wild animals, nervous and can crack a walnut in their jaws. Respect this. Due to their nervousness they can suddenly change behavior and bit or jump their claws can hang easily on trees and are very long. We are also not believers in taming wild animals as we feel that the animal is safer not being completely comfortable being handled by a human. The next human that handles that animal may not be as nice as you are. Keep them safe, keep them wary. We want to coexist with out wildlife friends but part of that coexistence involves respecting their wildness and what nature meant them to be.

On a note: Squirrels rarely carry diseases. They have been known to build multiple nests and move around every few days in order to avoid fleas and other parasites from building up in nests. We have lived with squirrels close up and they are fastidious creatures, constantly grooming themselves.

Backyard Squirrel Diversion Feeders - Include a squirrel diversion feeder in a backyard wildlife sanctuary! Don't always make it easy on the rascals and they will provide you with hours of laughs. After all, the squirrels have given you hours of grief trying to keep them out of your bird feeders.

Backyard Squirrel Foods - Food squirrels prefer, best diversion feeding. A collection of specialty blended and squirrel tested foods which they will jump through hoops, or spin as the case may be, to get to. Corn on the cob, wildlife blends with peanuts and other foods which appeal to our bushy tailed friends.