Solar bird baths water fountains powered by suns energy solar panels. Pump kits for existing baths. Solar powered fountains self contained units, no complex water fountain system.

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Solar bird baths are water fountain powered by the sun's energy using small solar panels. The panels usually have cords which allow for having the panel placed a short distance away from a bird bath itself. Solar powered fountains are a self contained unit, saving you from having to set up a complex, electric water fountain system. Before you buy one, understand what they are. All creatures need water and you can add a pump kit to an existing bath. These fountains are perfect for bird baths as they make the sound of moving water which will attract species of wild birds to a yard that would not visit a feeding station, such as pure insect eaters. As well, the movement of the water's surface is highly visible to birds flying over a property. These fountains only run when direct sunlight is hitting the energy collecting panels. They will not run at night, but for this application, they do not really need to. They will also not run on cloudy days but on sunny days, the idea is that enough birds would have been attracted to your bird bath that it has become a regular water source for them for bathing and drinking. We have one and love it as it has done exactly what we wanted it to - attract birds. The pump must always stay submerged as not to ruin it. If you buy one, please read the instructions carefully first!

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Solar Bird Baths are relatively new to the market. The idea is that the fountain turns on in the sun, powered by small solar panels. Solar powered fountains are a self contained unit, saving you from having to set up a fountain water system. We have only recently tried a solar unit so haven't enough experience tell you what we think, however, so far we like ours quite a bit. From what we understand reviews are mixed, primarily due to the fact that the fountain only runs when hit directly by the sun. It will not run on overcast or rainy days. For us at bird-house-bath this is not a problem at all since our goal is to provide the simple sound of running or dripping water in our gardens without the pumps and electricity, not to have a garden fountain which runs all of the time. We weren't looking for garden decor but instead something the birds actually use and benefit from. The sound of water is very attractive to songbirds and our test has been successful with them. Our solar bird bath does indeed make the sound of running water part of the day and attract the birds who would otherwise not visit us.

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Would you care to have wild birds in your yard all year around? If you do, you might consider trying a solar powered bird bath. Water is as crucial as food and shelter, when attracting wild birds to a personal refuge. You will find that there are various solar powered bird baths on the market. Most of them blend a traditional bird bath with a fountain. The solar powered pump makes water run through the bird bath. Supplying movement to the water in a bird bath is a outstanding idea since the birds love it so much. Keeping the water movement not only attracts more wild birds as well rules out stagnation. Idle water may attract mosquitoes and other unwanted pests into the garden.

There are essentially two methods of setting up a solar powered bird bath. One choice has solar panels contained in the bird bath itself. Others feature solar panels that are separate from the bath, but linked to it. Where to put a solar powered bird bath hinges upon the type of bird bath you select. A bird bath with incorporated solar panels will have to be located in the sun. A bird bath with separate panels can be positioned in shade, as long as the panels are set in the sun.

Taking the time to find a solar powered answer will pay off in the end. It makes for an appealing bird bath without displeasing cords and local wild birds will have a fresh water reservoir all year round. A dependable water source for wild birds increases their chance for survival to nest in your area and have even more beautiful birds for the season. Selecting a solar powered bird bath, to appeal wild birds, is a good way to teach children about environmental obligation, without the need for an electric cord there are more alternatives as to where to put a bird bath will outdoors.

How Solar Bird baths Work: In essence, a solar panel captures energy from the sun's rays, that in turn supplies the energy needed to run a pump in the bird bath. The solar panel typically sits inside the bird bath basin and connects to a fountain pump, which moves the water in the bird bath. Some solar powered water fountains have the solar panels on a cord, allowing you to place the panel away from the bath itself.

Solar powered bird baths are an easy way to add moving water to a garden habitat. They are handy because they require no electricity and are simple to set up.The disadvantages to a solar powered bird bath water fountain is that they do not run when there is no sun such as cloudy days, night time or rainy days. Most manufacturers recommend removing the solar pump and panel and storing out of freezing temperatures in winter.

As time goes on, more and more of these garden water features become available, so that the selection is quite large. Some are simple, such as those on a pedestal, while others are more intricate. Except for the problem of cloudy days, there really is no reason why you shouldn't try one.

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains - The perfect way to attract songbirds! Solar powered fountains are as easy to set up as opening the box and placing in an existing bird bath. Just add sun and you have a small attractive fountain! One may minimize personal electric bill by selecting a solar powered birdbath rather than an electric fountain, and still heat and broadcast water.