Recycled plastic bird houses made of poly lumber milk jugs. Create an eco-friendly, green backyard habitat. Bird watchers supply best pick.

Recycled Plastic Bird Houses Milk Jug Eco Friendly

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There are approximately 80 species of wild birds in North America which will nest in bird houses, or man made cavities. Some others will nest on platforms or bird shelves, such as the American Robin. If a bird does not naturally nest in a cavity in the wild, it will not use a bird house. Each species of bird has different requirements for entrance hole size, house depth and width. Below is a list of bird species you may be able to attract to your gardens or backyards with bird houses.

Air Conditioned Songbird House Airflow Songbird House Recycled plastic Strong Bluebird House
Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Bluebird Box House. Ventilation, entry hole predator guard Eco Chickadee Bird House The Chickadee Enterprise Bird House
Hanging Chickadee Bird House Chickadee Nuthatch Bird House Chickadees Bird House
Downy Woodpecker Bird House Duncraft Classic Airflow Bird House Duncraft Classic Airflow Bird House
Duncraft Eco Strong Protected Songbird House EZ Install Bird House Duncraft Eco Chalet Plastic Hanging Bird House. Small home for small wrens, best easy clean
Little Red Hummingbird House Hummingbird Nester Peek a View Bird House
Bird-Safe Slotbox Peterson Bluebird House Fence Post Bird House Map Marker Bird House
Roof Planter Fly Thru Bird House BirdSafe Predator Guard House Hanging Gourd
Premium Convertible Roost House Four Seasons Roosting Box Songbird House and Roosting Box
Four Season Roosting Box and Pole set, great gift idea for backyard bird watchers. Winter shelter Eco Songbird Roosting Box Recycled Eco-Friendly Cardinal Bird House. Place Cardinal Nesting Shelf on tree or under eaves
Barn Swallow Phoebe Nesting Shelf Classic Songbird Nesting Shelf Under Deck Robins Nesting Platform
Slide Together Bird House Recycled plastic bird house box with wood grain look. Supply small songbirds with perfect homes Recycled plastic Sparrow Resistant Bird House
Bird Safe Swallow House Recycled Eco-Strong Swallow Bird House. Deters house sparrows but attracts swallows to backyard Swallow Sparrow Colony Nesting Box
Teardrop Chickadee House Recycled plastic Eco Friendly Acorn House Chic Wall Mount Songbird House
Recycled plastic Peek a Boo House Green Recycled plastic Peek a Boo House Tan Clear View Window House
Duncraft Window Nester Feeder Window mount, view babies bird house on suction cups. See smaller songbirds raise young Duncraft Three Woodpecker House
Airflow Wren Bird House Eco Wren Bird House Brown Eco Friendly Wren House
Eco Strong Wren House Recycled Plastic Wren House. Classic style house to attract wrens to nest. Create a backyard


Bird Houses or Nest Boxes

If you want to brighten Christmas by looking forward to the coming spring, then you will find a different selection of bird lover gifts with bird houses, or nest boxes as they are more typically called. Although bird houses may not be used until spring and summer for nesting, there good reasons for setting them up ahead of time.

First of all, a few birds will use them as shelter in the winter months and weather as roosting boxes to pass the night in, so a bird house can be a gifts idea that may be a life rescuer. Second, house hunting for wild birds can go on long ahead actual nesting season. If a bird house is placed in the month of December, birds will be checking it out for a potential home for spring.

Bird houses are a great gift for bird lovers, as such a present will add delight to a daily routine once the birds begin to use it for nesting. It also makes for an outstanding way to teach kids and small children about wildlife as they watch the parents building the nest, the laying of the eggs, the hatching of the nestlings, and then the feeding of the young before they fledge. A bird house can be a real joy for bird lovers both young and old.

1. American Kestrels
2. Ash-throated Flycatchers
3. Barred Owls
4. Barrow's Goldeneyes
5. Bewick's Wrens
6. Black-capped Chickadees
7. Buffleheads
8. Carolina Wrens
9. Chestnut-backed Chickadees
10. Common Barn Owls
11. Common Goldeneyes
12. Common Mergansers
13. Downy Woodpeckers
14. Eastern and Western Screech Owls
15. Eastern Bluebirds
16. European Starlings
17. Golden-fronted Woodpeckers
18. Great Crested Flycatchers
19. Hairy Woodpeckers
20. Hooded Mergansers
21. House Finches
22. House Sparrows
23. House Wrens
24. Juniper Titmice
25. Mountain Bluebirds
26. Mountain Chickadees
27. Northern Flickers
28. Northern Saw-whet Owls
29. Oat Titmice
30. Purple Martins
31. Woodpeckers
32. Nuthatches
33. Tufted Titmice
34. Western Bluebirds