Recycled plastic bird feeders made of poly lumber, milk jugs for an eco-friendly, green backyard habitat. Easy clean, durable and long lasting. Bird watchers best pick.

Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders, Milk Jug Eco Friendly

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These recycled plastic bird feeders are made mostly out of poly lumber and milk jugs to create an eco-friendly, green backyard habitat. We love them! They last for years, are strong, durable, weather resistant and very easy to clean. You can even wipe them down with a light bleach solution if needed, and we are all about clean bird feeding stations for good songbird health. They are our bird watchers best pick.

Classic Bluebird Feeder Duncraft EZ Bluebird Feeder Recycled Eco-Strong Bluebird Bird Feeder. Hinged roof lifts to refill, side panels remove for easy cleaning, filling
Eco Fly Thru Meal Worm Feeder Clearview Bluebird Feeder Easy View Meal Worm bird feeder. Clear acrylic sides allows backyard bird watchers to see feeding activity
Eco Butterfly Feeder Eco Strong Cardinal Feeder Delight bird feeder. Species can perch or enter from large side entry holes or ends. Acrylic sides, plastic
Eco Friendly Apple Fruit bird feeder for attracting fruit eating songbirds to a backyard habitat. Attract Duncraft EZ Fruit Feeder Duncraft Fruit Feeder
Oriole Fruit Jelly Gazebo Feeder recycled plastic Eco-Jelly Oriole Feeder Pole Mount Jelly dish bird feeder. Made of recycled plastic poly lumber mounts on feeding station pole, easy
Eco Oriole Fruit Jelly. Dishwasher safe hanging bird feeder. Attract wild songbirds to backyard habitat Super Sized Oriole Feeder Eco Friendly Orange color fruit bird feeder. Skewer an apple or orange half on center rod to attract
Eco Friendly recycled plastic oriole bird feeder in bright orange color, weather guard roof for rain, snow protection Fruit Jelly Oriole recycled plastic bird feeder, bright orange color for attracting fruit or grape jelly. Heavy duty steel Oriole Delight Feeder
Eco Delight Oriole Feeder Reflections Fruit Jelly Feeder Duo seed fruit recycled plastic bird feeder. Made from clear acrylic, beautiful recycled plastic wood lumber
Eco Strong Haven Platform Covered Ground Platform Feeder Clearview Ground Platform Feeder
Eco Friendly Ground Platform bird feeder for green home. Backyard bird watching with natural ground feeding station Red Seed Block Wagon ground bird feeder made of recycled plastic. Durable, weather proof material Sleigh Seed Block Feeder
Country Station Hanging Feeder Eco Strong Hanging Feeder Clear View Hopper Feeder
4-Sided Free-Flowing Hopper Feeder Two Decks Platform Hopper Feeder Easy Clean Hopper Feeder
Easy Flow Hopper Feeder Eco Strong Dual Action Hopper Reflections Mirrored Hopper Feeder
Duncraft Cardinal Shield Hopper Suet Feeder Recycled plastic large hanging hopper seed feeder. Great gift giving idea for bird lovers gift. Weather resistant Recycled plastic Songbird Hopper seed bird feeder. Hanging design. Fill with favorite blend mix. Weather resistant
Going Green Tall Hopper Feeder Reflections Hopper Feeder Duncraft EZ Jelly Feeder
Mr Cardinal Jar Feeder Mrs Cardinal Jar Feeder XL Nyjer Magnet Mesh Feeder
Finch thistle nyjer magnet plastic, mesh bird feeder. Attract goldfinches to backyard habitat. Supply thistle Treehouse Delight Feeder Eco friendly, green peanut butter Poly Lumber Bird Feeder. Easy clean up, more hygienic than wood
Eco Strong PB J Feeder Acorn Peanut Butter Feeder Classic Cardinal Platform Feeder
Recycled plastic seed or treat platform tray feeder. Pole mount. Great view for backyard bird watching Rooftop Combo Planter Post Platform Feeder with Roof
Eco Strong Pole Mount Hopper Grandview Feeding Station Pole Bit of Salt Finch Combo Feeder
Classic Sunflower Feeder Eco Strong EZ Flow Mesh Hopper Eco Green Steel Mesh Feeder
Seed Block Feeder made of recycled plastic with a wood grain look finish. Over sized seed blocks fit into Eco Cardinal Suet Ball Feeder Duncraft 2 Sided Chalet with two suet baskets on each side so more woodpeckers, nuthatches can feed
Duncraft Suet Cake Chalet Double Woodpecker Suet Feeder Recycled Suet Log
Recycled plastic Mesh Feeder. Supply a wide variety of species with their favorite food. Weather resistant Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet poly lumber bird feeder made of recycled plastic. Environmentally friendly Eco-Friendly Suet Feeder. Perfect for backyard bird watching sanctuary. Attract wild birds, supply
Recycled plastic Duo bird feeder. Recycled plastic Tail Prop Suet bird feeder. Recycled plastic Tail Prop Suet bird feeder. Best pick for weather resistant, easy clean feeding station
Recycled plastic Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet bird feeder. Great feeding station for woodpeckers, nuthatches Recycled plastic Eco-Strong Upside Down Suet bird feeder. Helps discourage starlings, grackles Recycled plastic Upside Down Suet bird feeder. Weather resistant, easy clean up. A great feeding station
Roof Top Suet Feeder Eco Friendly Hanging Platform bird feeder tray. Hang in backyard habitat, attract wild songbirds to feed New England Pavilion Feeder
Cardinal Window Chalet. ecorated with cardinal cut out, attached to glass window with suction cups Eco Classic Window Feeder Eco Fly Thru Window Feeder
Eco friendly window mount bird feeder shatterproof plastic. Easy clean! See wild birds up close. Suction cup Reflections Woodpecker Feeder Four Sided Woodpecker Feeder
Woodpecker Rail Walker Feeder


Recycled plastic bird feeders bird feeders are a new type of feeder, environmentally friendly and made for easy care. Go green by using environmentally friendly bird feeders and bird houses made from 90% post consumer plastic. They are made from recycled lumber consisting of recycled milk jugs, water bottles along with different usable plastic containers. For some of these bird feeders, more than thirty thrown away plastic milk jugs are reclaimed out of land fills and used to make a backyard feeder to last a lifetime.

We love them and think they are the best choice for long term feeders. They are extremely durable and a good investment because they will not chip,splinter, rust or rot and are very easy when it comes to the job of cleaning. They are UV stable, stain repellent along with resistant to insects. These may be cleaned at any time with a gentle bleach and water solution which can help prevent distributing disease or sickness in feeding birds. Using products constructed from recycled plastic aids to cut down on deforestation in addition to as waste. Products made from recycled plastics can help keep waste out of the landfill.