Many wild birds prefer peanuts and nuts to seed. Species such as woodpeckers, nuthatches will eat at a feeder love nut. Add a peanut or nut treat to backyard bird feeding stations!

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Many birds can be exclusive in their diets and prefer fruits and nuts to traditional seed offerings. While species such as woodpeckers and nuthatches will visit a seed feeder, often the best way to attract them to feeding stations is with nuts. Attract a wide variety of wild birds to backyards and garden by offering their favorite nut treats!

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Some birds are exclusive in their diets and prefer fruits and nuts to traditional seed offerings. While species such as woodpeckers and nuthatches will visit a seed feeder, they prefer nuts to seeds most of the time. Set aside a sanctuary area just for them! A few species of birds which enjoy nuts are: red winged blackbird, bluebirds, indigo bunting, gray catbird, chickadee, cowbird, purple finch, American goldfinch, ruffed grouse, jays, juncos, ruby crowned kinglet, robin American, pins siskin, field sparrow, white crowned sparrow, hermit thrush, tufted titmouse, woodpeckers, Carolina wren and house wrens. Many of the woodpeckers are attracted to peanut and nut feeders, including the magnificent pileated Woodpecker. Whole or crushed, unsalted peanuts can be used to attract a larger variety of birds to your feeding stations. The more types of bird food you supply, the more species of birds you will have visit your habitat.

Feeding Nuts

An all time favorite food choice of wild birds is nuts. Americans have caught on to the idea of feeding peanuts to wild birds and we for one think it's a wonderful idea. Peanuts attract some of our favorite species to our backyards and their presence is a daily joy. The antics of these birds as they enthusiastically wrestle a nut out of the feeder is worth the small extra effort it may take to supply this healthy food choice. In Europe, peanuts have been a basic of bird feeding for years! The peanuts we use for bird feeding are rejects from the cocktail peanut trade. Peanut growers and producers have come to realize that the wild bird food industry was the perfect place to market the bits and pieces of peanuts that were broken in the process of being made into snack foods for humans. Bird watchers could offer these rejects in their feeders and benefit both the birder and wild birds. Now, nuts unsuitable for the food industry are typically sold as bird food and are also found in many specialty seed blends. Most often they are shelled and usually roasted but not salted. Do not use salted peanuts in your feeders!

Nuts & Peanuts - Several birds go nuts for peanuts and other nut treats. Specialty peanut bird feeders are fashioned to dispense nuts. It is a food best offered in specialty peanut feeders or in a mix when using a hopper feeder, or use on trays or scattered on the ground.

Nuts & Peanuts attracts: Most birds that like hulled sunflower seeds will eat nuts. Woodpeckers, mockingbirds, chickadees, titmice, wrens. thrashers, nuthatches, goldfinches, house finches, cardinals, grosbeaks and jays. A peanut feeder is frequently a very active place in any bird feeding station.