Bird feeder or house poles, crook hangers post, deck mounts. Also squirrel baffles and protection for hanging or pole feeding systems.

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Birdfeeder Poles, Shepherds Crooks and Squirrel Baffles

Bird feeder or house poles, crook hangers post, deck mounts. Also squirrel baffles and protection for hanging or pole feeding systems.

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Feeder Mounting Options

Poles & Shepherd’s Crooks
There are several methods of placing bird feeders or boxes around your yard and garden. They can be post, pole, classic shepherd’s crook, hanger hooks, wall mount or deck mounted systems.

Pole & Post Mounted
A pole or post mounted bird feeder is most often the easiest to manage as far as keeping squirrels from raiding and also the easiest to effectively place about the yard. With a pole mount, you can place feeders at least eleven feet away from any trees, or other items a squirrel or cat can jump from to reach the feeders, and adding a baffle to a pole or classic shepherd’s crook is a simple solution to critters climbing the pole or post to reach the feeder. Areas where squirrels or predators can jump from above is also easily managed by placing the pole out of reach. A well baffled pole or post system placed far enough away from potential launch pads can be inaccessible to all but the birds.

With a pole or post mount system you have a wide variety of feeder styles you can use as most feeders are designed to have the option of being placed on a pole or hung from a classic shepherd’s hook pole. You also have the ability to use less squirrel proof bird feeders with a properly placed and baffled pole. Another plus with a pole, post or shepherd’s crook is that some models allow you to add extra crook arms, allowing for multiple bird feeders at one station. There can be a seed feeder, a suet feeder and platform all on one pole. We personally use a pole system for our primary feeding stations.

Hooks & Hangers
Hanging a feeder on a hook is more difficult to defend from feeder raiders, but often times areas only allow for such. They are great for decks and patios in multi family living situations, and a fine solution for smaller yards. Shepherd’s hook styles are available. Baffles are made for hook mounted feeders but these usually only help protect the feeder from above. If you wish to better view the birds and have them closer to the house, a wall or deck mount hanger is perfect. If you need a hanging feeder and have no squirrels you can pretty much hang whatever you wish! If you do have squirrels and want a hanging feeder, look for bird feeders which are squirrel proof or squirrel resistant. A Squirrel proof feeders is typically weight activated and constructed of chew proof metal so that squirrels can not chew through them to get to the seed, therefore damaging and likely destroying the feeder. They are weighted so that when a squirrel lands on the feeder platform, the mechanism drops a protective shield over the seed reservoir when a squirrel lands on the feeding platform. Birds are too light to drop the shield over the seed and can easily feed from the platform.

Deck Mount
A system of hanging feeders we are particularly fond of is deck mounted arms for bird feeders or small hanging bird baths. They give us a great view of the birds up close. The chore of refilling is also a lot easier with the feeder right out the back door! It is the perfect way to observe bird activity up close. Deck mount arms can be purchased which extend out over the lawn so that seed shells littering your deck is kept to a minimum, or you can use a no mess food such as hulled sunflower. A combination of a feeder on a deck mount with a no mess seed or blend is the best option if you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse and don’t want seed dropping down from your balcony onto your neighbor below. This is also the best choice for a deck you want to keep clean of shell droppings. Deck mount is also perfect for hummingbird feeders as hummers will easily visit your deck and close to living areas. Deck mounted arms are available which do not need to be screwed into the railing of the deck, but use a clamp system if you do not wish to screw an arm into the wood of a deck or have metal rail.

Wall Mounted
A wall mount feeder is a good choice for placing feeders near windows for close observation of birds. You have to take care when placing a feeder near a window and make sure that you don’t confuse the birds with reflections in the glass, causing a window strike problem. However, a wall mounted feeder closer to a window does not allow the bird to build up speed it needs to strike a window hard and usually the feeder breaks up the refection of sky and trees enough that the birds do not fly towards the glass. Again, a wall mount feeder is more difficult to defend from squirrels but it can be done. A good squirrel resistant or squirrel proof feeder is usually necessary. If the squirrels have no natural launching pads from the sides or underneath, wall hooks allow for overhead hanging baffles.

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