Shop for small, ground level, short pedestal bird baths in cast stone cement. Small space saving size, low profile. Perfect for decks, patios flower beds or garden accent.

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Ground level and short pedestal 25" lower in cast stone concrete, and cement. Low profile bird baths are natural for wild birds used to bathing in puddles of water and will naturally be attracted to a bath which is placed on the ground. These are space saving designs, perfect for patios, deck. porch or terrace or as a small garden accent tucked under a shrub. If you are looking for space saving ideas but wish to provide water for backyard birds, there are several to select from! To attract wild birds to a backyard, provide drinking and bathing water in a bird bath. Birds will fly large distances to discover a water source as it can be harder for them to find fresh water, winter or summer, even more difficult than finding food. In addition to drinking, garden songbirds need fresh water for cleaning feathers for best flight and for keeping free of parasites health. A bit of advice for bringing nature to a garden would begin with placing a bird bath close to a tree or shrub. Trees can offer the birds a feeling of protection from predators, while branches allow for a place for birds to perch and preen following a bath. After bathing birds will fly to a safe location to preen their feathers. Birds use fresh water year round, not just in summer when the weather is hot. They have a difficult time finding unfrozen water in winter as well. A bird bath must be cleaned often, changing the water frequently and keep a bird bath clean of algae and debris. There are several products on the market to buy which can help you accomplish the task of bird bath cleaning, but a good stiff brush and plain soap with will do the trick. Brushes are excellent for taking away algae and slim. An occasional thorough cleaning using a gentle bleach solution of nine parts water to 1 part bleach also helps a lot with keeping the basin algae free. Birds will not bathe in a bowl that has a slippery bottom and it is a health risk, so keeping slime out of a bath is important.

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Ground level short pedestal 25" lower in copper, concerete, resen, fibergalss and cement. Ground level bird baths are a natural for wild birds. They are used to bathing in puddles of water and will naturally be attracted to a bath which is placed on the ground. Placement is important! Make certain that you located a ground level bird bath away from low growing shrubs where predators can hide. Wild birds are vulnerable wile bathing and naturally wary when participating in this activity. While it is important to make sure that there are no hiding places for other animals which may attract birds, wild birds also wish to have a nearby tree or shrub which they may perch on to groom and preen. Pick a sunny location as birds enjoy bathing in the sun. A bath placed in full shade will not see as much activity as one placed in a more sunny area. Many thrushes and bluebirds are highly attracted to ground level bird baths and can become frequent visitors to your sanctuary.

Following a bleach solution cleaning, make certain to rinse the basin completely. There are also bird bath guardian solvents which naturally keep it clean. These solvents assist to discourage stains, slime, mineral deposits and organic contamination from developing in a birdbath. Make certain that any such product you purchase is fully safe for wildlife.

Another tip for wild bird baths which will help attract songbirds to a garden is to keep the water flowing! Not merely are birds attracted to the sound of moving water, it likewise stops a bird bath from being a b a breading area for mosquitoes. Drippers bring a flow of fresh water for birds and keeps a water basin from becoming a bowl of standing water which mosquitoes like to breed in. There are also products called Water Wigglers that produces uninterrupted ripples in water and stops mosquitoes from laying eggs. Misters are a different excellent source of moving water. Birds love to fly in misters. Even hummingbirds relish a short trip in a mister.

Winter can be a harsh time for backyard birds and a time of drought for them, even if the ground is covered in snow. Water is critical for birds, particularly in the winter time of year. Birds can eat snow for a water reservoir, but it is not as energizing as a swallow from a bird bath Keep water from freezing with an electric water heater specially for bird baths. Bird bath heaters are designed specifically not to be harmful to the birds. The temperature of the water can remain just slightly over freezing and keep a bird bath free of ice. Always keep the water level over the heater in order that the coil is not open to dry air.

For a large bird bath or backyard water supply for wild birds, one idea is to arrange a couple of stones in the bowl. Stones or rocks are not only decorative, they add something the birds can perch upon and feel secure when they take a bath. Birds can't approximate the depth of water but rocks are natural to them so they will not feel shy landing on one.

If you love nature and having wild birds in a garden, you understand that bird watching in a personal garden is a source of relaxation and joy. It's astounding the numerous species which can be seen in a backyard. Birds species that do not eat seeds who do not visit bird feeders will come to a bird bath. If you have not had many songbirds habit a backyard, there are a few items one may add to attract them. With different varieties of bird feeders, bird baths and an excellent bird house, there can be a few exceptional visitors.

There are several unique styles of bird feeders for sale, and the majority of them belong in three various classes. There are tray feeders, hoppers and tubes. Bird baths are also fantastic thing to add in a sanctuary if you wish to attract several birds. They love to splash about in the water. Select between traditional bird baths, or go for an item which is different, such as a solar powered fountain or artistic cast stone bird bath which is both decorative and functional. Bird baths with flowing water would attract birds that would not ordinarily visit a feeder and they offer the chance for a backyard bird watcher to view wild birds up close in a persona; garden. This is an excellent chance to take some great photos, and merely enjoy the song and companionship of wild birds.