Globe bird feeders designed to feed small songbirds only and keep larger birds from dominating seed. Chickadees, titmice, wrens and nuthatches can use globe feeders, big birds can not.

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Globe feeders are designed for smaller songbirds and cater to the chickadees, titmice, wrens and other tiny friends. Larger birds can not land on and hog this style feeder. Often they are starling and jay resistant along with pigeon proof which is best if you have problem or trouble with bigger birds hogging and fighting at feeders. They are also perfect as apartment feeding stations, and townhouse or condo balcony.

Hanging Apple Shaped Mosaic Feeders Bottle Hanging Dish Feeder Blooms Circle Bird Feeder
Decorative Mason Jar Wild Bird Feeder Droll Yankees Fence/Deck Mount Silhouette Feeder Duncraft Craftsman Bird Feeder
Fluted Seed Feeder Double Sided Orange Feeder Duncraft Orange Kabob Feeder
Orange Single Cup Fruit Bird Feeder Eco Strong recycled plastic Oriole bird feeder. Attracting wild birds is simple when you feed them their favorite Coneflower Bird Feeder
Amethyst Starburst Seed Feeder Aqua Metal Glass House Bird Feeder Red Metal Glass House Bird Feeder
Orange Hanging Sphere Feeder with Perch Cuban Bowl Metal Hanger Red Hanging Sphere Feeder with Perch
Red Hanging Sphere Feeder, Set of 3 Lime Hanging Sphere Feeder with Perch The Nuttery Helix Feeder
The Nuttery Globe Feeder The Nuttery Helix Peanut and Sunflower Feeder Starling resistant, pigeon proof best for songbirds. Attract chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and songbirds
Green Seed Ball Set Of 3 hanging sunflower seed feeders, best gift idea. Backyard bird watching fun feeding Country Station Hanging Feeder Mango Fly Through Feeder
Eco Strong EZ Flow Mesh Hopper Mini Wire Nugget mesh seed bird feeder. Great idea for hanging on a patio, balcony, apartment, or small Red Seed Ball Set of 3
Magnet Mesh Feeder Tray seed bird feeder, best backyard bird watchers gift idea. Supply small chickadees, nuthatches Deluxe Nugget Bird Feeder. Great small space idea, attractive design. Fill with seed or treats for attracting Mini Wire Nugget Feeder made just for smaller to eat c0omfortably and keep out large bully species
Mini Copper Finish Lantern Feeder The Nuttery Mini Peanut Feeder Radiant Finch Feeder
Droll Yankees 15" Ring Pull Tube Sturdy thistle feeder, stainless steel mesh, purple color finish. Durable die cast top, bottom. Supply Steel Nyjer Feeder Tray
Pole Mount Jelly dish. Recycled plastic poly lumber bird feeder. Removable plastic cup best Classic Peanut Feeder Geohaus Compact Peanut Feeder
Eco Strong Hanging Haven Feeder Rooftop Platform with Pole Provincial Seed Feeder
Satellite classic globe seed feeder. Small feeder is big bird proof. Satellite design, backyard bird watchers Duncraft Satellite Set of 3 The Nuttery Mini Seed Feeder
The Nuttery Acorn Seed Feeder Sweet Treats Cafe Feeder Duncraft Hanging Chalet bird feeder. Attract wild birds with seed and treats to small space garden or yard
New England Pavilion Feeder Vermillion Platform seed wild bird feeder Songbird Vintage Bird Feeder
Weight settings adjust bird feeder perches, shut out squirrels, jays, crows, starlings, grackles. Supply songbirds food


We love these little guys! A small bird feeder is a best pickfor deck, patio, balcony or porch habitat. They can be great if you live in a condo townhouse or apartment. They are a favorite part of our backyard refuge. Globe feeders are designed with smaller songbirds in mind and cater to the chickadees, titmice, wrens, nuthatches and other tiny friends. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to eat! If you have a problem with larger birds hogging up space at your main bird feeding station, a globe feeder will make sure the little feathers have a chance to get some seeds of their own. Starlings, jays and doves can not land on a globe feeder with the small openings. We also just enjoy the antics of the smaller songbirds as they use this style birdfeeder. We have nuthatches that cling on the hanger chain and tap the clear top to test and see if they can get to the seeds that way, knowing full well were the entrance hole is, and the chickadees and titmice with their snatch a seed and run methods of feeding are always a joy.

Globe feeders are also perfect for secondary feeding stations away from your main feeders, or for deck mounting if you wish to attract birds close up to your home without making your deck a very large bird feeding platform.

Globe feeders can be used to offer peanuts and other nuts, sunflower seed, wild bird seed blends or hulled sunflower. If you are looking for a less mess, no waste solution. We use black oil sunflower seed in our personal globe feeders since it is loved by so many species of birds, but the choice is yours. Shelled peanuts is a particular treat you may try.