Tools and methods of deck, wall rail mounting and hanging bird feeders, plants. Clamp deck mounts arms, shepherds crooks, pivoting brackets and hanging hooks. Decorative and functional!

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Tools and methods of deck rail mounting and hanging bird feeders, hummingbird feeders or plants. Deck mounts arms, shepherds crooks, pivoting brackets and two crook hanging hooks for porches, patios and small garden spaces. Decorative and functional clamp on adjustable hangers.

Bird House Portals, Tan 12" Dual Chain, Black 33" Hanging Chain, Black
Droll Yankees Locking Chain. Snap closure sturdy Droll Yankees chain keeps feeders securely Hanging Chain with S Hooks Heavy Duty Chain and Clasp
Adjustable Extended Clamp Deck rail bracket Convenience, simplicity of having feeders, flowers close. Ideal for limited mobility or yard space Hand knobs make tightening mount easy. Instant install, hanging arm swings over to fill bird feeders
Flexible pole arm bracket solves hanging problems. Pivot 360 degrees in either direction, extend 20" Reach Screw Mount Arm Swing Arm XL Clamp Mount Hanger
Wrought Iron Clamp-On Single Arm Deck Hanger Stokes Adjustable Deck Bracket. All metal build, decorative bird top. Hangers adjust on pole Original Extended Dual Hook SwingArm, 3 Colors Available
Fence Deck Hook Iron Rail Baluster Mount Hanger Swivel 360 degrees in either direction, extends . Holds 15lbs, great for tube bird feeders, globe or
Single Deck Screw Mount Vertical Mount Baluster Hanger Duncraft Handy Hooks
Umbrella Quad Bracket Hi-Lo Clever Spring Copper Beaded Hook
Wrought Iron Hanger Hooks 36" Bird Feeder Chain Hummingbird Hanging Hook
Squiggle Hook Sky Hook Branch Buddy
24" Tree Branch Hook EZ Hook Yard Tree Universal Mount
20" Downturn Hanger Adjustable Arm Wall Hanger Versatile outdoor bracket swivels in either direction and extends in length, adjustable position
Upturn Curved Angled Hanger Upturn Curved Hanger Hookery 16" Downturn Curved Hanger with Forged Curl mount
Upturn Curved Hanger Series mount Dual Hook Swing Arm 2 hook swivel mount Heavy Duty Vine Hanger
Red Triple Hook SwingArm Upturn Straight Hanger Droll Yankees Window Hook
BirdsChoice Great Hang UP


Make hanging bird feeders, hummingbird feeders and potted plants easy with hardware designed to fit smaller spaces. Extended, full piviot arms.