Deck mounted and hanging bird baths for attracting wild birds. Decorative, heated and solar baths for viewing birds up close.

Deck or Hanging Backyard Bird Baths

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Hanging bird baths are so versatile. They can be hung from a tree, a shepherd crook, patio, on an arm where feeding stations are already located, or from a hook on a deck. They also are attractive to backyard bird since they provide a good view against predators while bathing. Birds will use a safe area to bathe in and from a hanging bath they can often see all around them. There are a lot of advantages to a deck rail mount bird bath. Not only do they bring wild birds up close where they can be easily seen, a bath mounted on a rail is easy to access and therefore simple to clean. This is particularly good during winter time when trekking out to the bird bath may be a chore! Also, many styles are made of materials which can handle a bird bath heater so you can provide water year round. Also if you live in an apartment, townhouse or condo, they are a great choice. Often fresh, clean water is the most difficult essential for a bird to find. In summer, a water supply can dry up, while in winter, water sources freeze in the cold weather. You can make a backyard bird's day improve by offering a drink and a bath in a garden habitat. A small basin or bowl of clean water is a kindness to the birds and attracts more species to a yard.

Handy plastic basin lifts out Great on deck rail, porch or apartment balconies. Water for wild birds Clamp Mount Bird Bath, Green Deck Mount Bird Bath
Winter or Summer use bird bath. Heat in winter, not in summer. Fresh, thawed water all winter long EZ Tilt Deck Bird Bath durable mount firmly attaches bird bath to deck rails, easy cleaning out EZ Deck Tilt Clean Bird Bath Bowl. Mount to deck or porch rail. Thermostatically controlled heating
12" Hanging Glass Daisy Bird Bath, Aqua 12" Hanging Glass Daisy Bird Bath, Orange 12" Hanging Glass Daisy Bird Bath, Red
8" Recycled Glass & Metal Hanging Daisy Bird Feeder, Aqua 8" Recycled Glass & Metal Hanging Daisy Bird Feeder, Fuchsia 12" Recycled Glass & Metal Hanging Daisy Bird Bath or Feeder, Lime
8" Recycled Glass & Metal Hanging Daisy Bird Feeder, Red Cobalt Blue Glass Hanging Bird Bath Fern Green Glass Hanging Bird Bath
Mandarin Glass Hanging Bird Bath Red Glass Hanging Bird Bath Teal Glass Hanging Bird Bath
Hanging Hexagon Bird Bath Wire Basket Bird Bath Audubon Hanging Bird Bath
Hanging Blue Glazed Birdbath Decorative Butterfly Hanging Bird Bath Dragonfly Hanging Bird Bath
Oakleaf Hanging Bird Bath Vintage Antique Country Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer Mini Bath with Metal Hanger
Mini Blue Glazed Bird Bath Motif Hanging Birdbath Hang or post mount. On limb, deck, wall or shepherds hook. Birds can bathe or drink water in safe
Water Cooler Bird Waterer Drink N Bathe Water Feeder Large three quart water capacity, post mount on a 4x4 post or hung. Water automatically fills
Perky Pet Droplet Bird Waterer


Deck rail mounted and hanging bird baths for attracting wild birds. Heated or decorative. Wild birds need drinking and bathing water and will seek out areas which provide a steady supply. Many birds such as bluebirds will make use of a bird bath.

Deck Mount: These can be made of decorative materials and come in copper, ceramic, aluminum, resin, plastic or other materials. They are great for attracting birds right up closely to you, providing a wonderful view. This design mounts directly to a deck railing and are best for people with small spaces. Using bird baths on a patio or deck not only attracts wild birds, it is a great way to bring birds closer to a living area or place people gather outdoors. They can be quite decorative and beautiful, while still being functional. There are many unique styles and designs choose from. They can be the best pick for people who live in apartments, condos or townhouses.

Hanging: Hanging bird baths are great for the birds. The fact that the bath is hanging will not bother them at all. While some may prefer to bathe on the ground, water will still attract them. They will use them easily, and hanging a bath off your deck or in your backyard gives you a good view of our avian friends! These can be made of decorative materials and come in copper, ceramic, aluminum, resin, plastic or other materials. A hanging birdbath is a good an option to use on a porch or patio. You can hang them by a hook that is fastened to a house or deck rail. Many hanging bird baths also come with an optional stand, or have the bottoms threaded for a stand or stake, which affords the choice of having either standing bird bath or hanging. With a hanging bird bath, birds can feel safe from potential predators due to the fact that they are elevated and have a good view while bathing.

Birds Need to see water

The reflections from the surface of the water can be seen better by wild birds if the bottom of the bath is a dark color. Tests have shown that water in a dark container is used by birds more often, so take this into consideration when purchasing or building a bird bath. If the bird does not see the water, they will not use it.

Backyard Garden Bird Baths

Attracting birds with water and add to outdoor garden decor

A bird bath is one of the simplest ways to bring wild birds up near where everybody can get a good view of them. Deck or patio hanging bird baths are wonderful for this. You can attract more species of birds with water than with a feeder as water is often more hard for birds to find than food. A bird bath is a simple idea, it is an artificial puddle on a pedestal, on the ground or hanging, made from a shallow, water filled basin for bathing and drinking. A birdbath is a strong attractor for wild birds, particularly so during hot summer months or droughts. A very shallow, gradually deepening birdbath located safe from predators, kept clean and freshened often with clean water to avoid contamination and mosquitoes may attract several various species of birds. Two inches of water in the middle is all that is needed for most backyard birds since they do not submerse their bodies, only dunking their wings to splash water on their backs.

Birds that eat insects or fruit, such as wrens, catbirds, and waxwings often don't find eat at feeders at but a birdbath entices all kinds of birds such as bluebirds, robins and cedar waxwings to a backyard sanctuary.

What kind of birdbath is best?


The depth of a bird bath is important. It should be no deeper than two to three inches at the center. It ought be even shallower at the edge so that a bird can ease its way in to the water, as they will not simply leap into deep water. Many commercial birdbaths are made too deep so if you are purchasing a bath, make sure the depth is correct. If you already own a deep birdbath, it can be made shallow by adding rocks to the bottom. You'll have to make a little further attempt to keep the water clean as a basin with rocks in it is a bit more difficult to scrub and clean out, but the birds will use it!

Rough bottom

Birds don't like slippery surfaces where they can lose their footing and they will pause before wading into a bath with a glazed, smooth or slippery bottom. If you already own a slick bottomed bird bath, you can add the non skid stickers that are sold for human baths. These stickers are easy to apply and if your bath features a decorative design in the basin, clear stickers are available so the pattern will still show through.


The splash of moving water is an absolute attraction to birds. Bird ponds and waterfalls, along with water misters and drippers are made just for garden songbirds and there are many decorative alternatives for drippers, misters, fountains or water wigglers. Adding water movement or sound can dramatically increase the amount and variety of species that frequent an area. For instance, hummingbirds would never wade into the bath in a manner similar to other larger birds since they bathe only while flying. But hummers will zipping back and forth through the drips, timing their flights to catch a water droplets on their backs. Hummingbirds also love water misters, and so do butterflies for an added bonus.

Where should a birdbath be located?

For bird bath placement, make sure that it is set in a space that is not where cats can hide. Cats like to lie in wait under shrubbery or lie in wait, hiding behind an object such as a garden ornament or statue, then jump on the birds once they're wet and can't fly easily. Locate a birdbath at least five to ten feet from hiding places.

At the same time, a bird bath should be located with a perching area nearby. After getting wet and cleaning themselves, songbirds will want to find a spot to perch, preen and fluff their feathers. A nearby tree or shrub is perfect for this, so long as the bottom limbs of the tree or shrub do not touch the ground allowing for predator hiding places,

Afford the birds an opportunity to see the cat approaching. Raising a bird bath on a pedestal to keep it elevated with a clear view of an area is a common safety measure, allowing for an open space about the bird bath that is free of hiding positions for predators. Having nearby perches for birds in the form of limbs or trees is a good idea, too. Birds do love ground bird baths since it is natural for them to bath in puddles on the ground, just be sure it is clear of low growing shrubs or plants. If you place your bath on the ground, it's crucial for the birds to have over hanging branches. The bird bath will attract more birds if placed where a scared bird can fly up easily to an over hanging limb or perching place if interrupted or assaulted. They will also fly up here to groom and preen after cleaning.

Within reach of a hose

Make your birdbath in an area which is accessible to you when it is time to clean and refill. But place your bird bath at a distance from feeding stations, since seeds and droppings would soil the water rapidly and birds prefer to bathe away from activity. Change the water every few days, or even every day in hot weather. Pour it out or squirt it out with the hose. Brush out any algae that begins to form with a scrub brush.