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Suet Basket

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Individual Suet Cake Feeder features a rugged cage design that is ideal for treating your backyard birds to their favored suet or dispensing nesting materials. This feeder is just the correct size for small tree limbs and is great for establishing multiple feeding areas in your backyard.

Bird Crumble Recipe
2 C. melted peanut butter, bacon grease, meat grease or other fat
2 C. cornmeal, or stale dry cereal
blended into crumbs
Warm water
2 to 3 C. wild birdseed
Raisins, nutmeats or chopped peanuts

combine peanut butter and fat, slowly melt over low heat. Add cornmeal or cereal crumbs. Slowly add enough warm water to make a stiff dough, then add birdseed and raisins, nut meats or chopped peanuts. Pack mixture into small foil pans or a large flat pan and refrigerate overnight. Cut into pieces to form cakes or crumbles.

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