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Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain is our most popular water fountain for many reasons. First of all it instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere in any garden patio or balcony. Water drains through the basin and recycles in the hidden reservoir for continuous flow. Birds are attracted to the sounds of splashing water and a two-inch bathing depth provides room for them to frolic. This bowl holds about one gallon of water. Moving water does not become stagnant which means the fountain feature makes it less likely that mosquitoes and other pests will be drawn to this bird bath. A two inch extender tube can be added or removed to increase or decrease the spray height of the water. You can even leave this bird bath outdoors year round simply remove the pump and solar panel for storage and insert the included winterizing plate. This pump does have a filter to prevent build-up but we recommend cleaning it every month or two depending on the level of build up accumulated. The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain operates in direct sunlight using a solar panel to power a low voltage water pump. The solar panel must sit in the bowl of the bird bath. This requires no wiring simply install and enjoy. As it uses the power of the sun there are no operating costs. The two year warranty guarantees lasting quality.

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