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Aspects HummZinger Mini

Your Cost: $15.95

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Our number one favorite here at bird-house-bath and the feeder we use the most in our own yards. This is a practical hummingbird feeder which they love and use. It has a deep, built in ant guard to stop ants from crawling down the hanger bar and flying insects have a difficult time reaching the nectar as the reservoir is deep enough. Hummers with their long beaks and tongues can reach the nectar. It's also very easy to clean and fill. The top pops right off and there are no hard to get to places! Three feeding ports are convenient and in our case, plenty of room. Hummers tend to be territorial and while it does happen that you will see multiple birds feeding at one feeder, most often you get tiny wars as they defend a feeder. The humzinger mini is priced well enough that we recommend buying more than one of these to thwart territory battles. We would rather use two of these over one higher priced feeder.The eight ounce capacity is plenty of nectar! Nectar should be changed ever few days, so there is less waste. Another big plus about this model is that being a saucer style feeder guarantees that it does not drip. It can be hung from a deck, on a shepherd's hook or tree. Wrap around perching encourages hummingbirds to stay longer. This mini feeder is 3-3/4 inches with 3 ports and features a built-in anti-ant cup. Twist off top makes it easy to fill and clean. 8 ounce capacity. 8 oz

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