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Ceramic Pedestal wild bird baths for wild birds and best outdoor decor. Decorate a backyard while adding water to attract wild birds.

Hand crafted and decorated ceramic in the Art Deco style. Base of the pedestal is 10 inches in diameter providing weight and stability. - Hand Painted signed and dated by the artist in a soft water color design unique to the individual artists. Bowl depth of 2 inches. - Hand Painted Butterfly Sets is artist signed and dated. Made from sturdy ceramic, these pieces of functional garden art are built to last. -
Hand Painted ceramic pedestal, each bath has a unique color and texture. A favorite backyard bird, the beautiful Cardinal adorns this piece. - Natural stoneware, hand crafted and decorated. Each bath has unique color and texture to naturally weather for a special garden look. - Mini fern bird bath is a replica the larger fern series as an accessory. May be used to hold bird seed, potpourri or wrapped candies. -
Beautiful set will enhance a garden woodland or shady fern nook. The natural stoneware is adorned with lacy, graceful woods fern fronds and fiddle heads. - Fleur de lis means the Lily Flower, an ancient symbol used for protection. Bowl depth of 3". Fill with 2" of water or use polished stones to raise the water level. - Detailed fern carvings brings images of an ancient monastery or lovely historical gardens and features an aged moss top with a glazed interior. -
Design is inspired by a day of relaxing gardening. Tools and pots display the private world of the gardener, of work in the outdoors. - Both the bird bath and planter bear an exotic ginko leaf theme, a stunning addition to a backyard habitat. Built of sturdy ceramic made to endure. - Hand painted in great detail with graceful hummingbirds delicately perched on brightly colored flower blossoms and winding trumpet vines. -
A charming piece of hand crafted garden art decor, perfect for both gardener and wild birds. Set this decorative bath in the flower beds. - Features floral leaf carvings designed by artist Pam Ballard and made with a unique blend of the finest clay from southeastern Ohio. - Wonderful, functional and pretty clay birdbath which was inspired by the English countryside and will look charming in a backyard space. -
A glazed finish which will enhance an outdoor area decor for years, while at the same time protecting the bath. - Classic lines and theme carried from nature, this ceramic bird bath will make be lovely outdoor decor for a yard or garden. - Traditonal country style in corneflower blue, soft and gentle in a backyard setting. Pedestal is 10" in diameter for weight and stability. -
Stoneware Basket is designed after a woven basket in a creation of exquisite detail to blend into any garden theme. - A cottage rose garden design inspired by English gardening, known for colorful wild flower blossoms and lush areas of foliage. - Planter Set styled after traditonal English country gardens with colorful flower blossoms and dense leaf, lush foliage. Rose pattern with soothing moss finish. -
Simple, elegant and complex beauty of a leafy branch with shades of forest green and bestows the cool comfort of summer shade. - Hand painted, depicts a lovely, delicate wren perched on a small bird house surrounded by lush ivy leaf. Made of sturdy ceramic. - Hand painted, depicts a lovely, delicate wren perched on a small bird house surrounded by lush ivy leaf. Sturdy ceramic. -
A rich green glaze contrasts beautifully with unglazed natural pottery theme of this classic bath. Basin locks securely on to pedestal. -