Tools and methods of mounting and hanging birdhouses and feeders. Pole systems, 4x4 posts, Wall brackets, extra arm attachments, hooks and shepherd crooks.

Bird Feeder House Poles, Posts, Hooks Add On Accessories

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Supplies for mounting and hanging bird houses or feeders. 4x4 posts, hooks, pole systems, arms mounts, shepherds crooks, wall brackets, arm attachments for adding to existing pole systems. Hang additional bird feeders, plants or bird houses. Post mount systems best for platform feeding stations and bird houses, along with rear mount poles for boxes.

Steel 4x4" Mounting Bracket hardware accessories 4 x 4 Mounting Bracket Flange Set hardware accessories Patio Base for 4 x 4" Post hardware accessories
Plant Happiness 3' Art Pole 4x4 Feed the Birds 20" Art Pole 4x4 painted look Friends Birdhouse Pole painted look
Bird Mosaic 3' Art Pole 4x4 painted look Peace Birdhouse Pole decorative Welcome Birdhouse Pole garden décor
Feed the Birds 4' Art Pole 4x4 All Nature Sings 3' Art Pole 4x4 Welcome to the Garden 4' Art Pole 4x4
Grateful Hearts 4' Art Pole 5x5 Home Tweet Home 4' Art Pole 5x5 Bless the Birds 6' Birdhouse Art Pole
Color Dance 5' Birdhouse Art Pole Fly with All Your Heart 5' Birdhouse Art Pole Fancy Garden 5' Birdhouse Art Pole
Nest Blessings 6' Birdhouse Art Pole Quick Connect Straight Arm, 19 Bluebird Bird House Flange
Quick Connect Mounting Plate Birdhouse Mounting Pole step on ground stake hardware accessories Portal Protectors hardware accessories
12" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Branch, Set of 3 18" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Branch, Set of 3 Decorative Cardinal Finial
Flower Pot Holder & Four Arm Hangers Flower Pot Holder with Four Arm Hangers & 4 x 4" Post Auger Metal Ground Socket
4 x 4" Twister Ground Socket Keep pole straight. Twister spring coil turns in, out of ground for quick installation. Stainless steel Ground Stake
Flat Mounting Plate Flat Mounting Plate Mounting Flange
Quick Connect Mounting Plate Yellowstone Birdfeeder Pole with 6 Hanging Stations Coil Arm Hanger, 16 inches wild bird house or feeder hardware accessories
Coil Arm Hanger 8 inches wild bird house or feeder hardware accessories 12" Snap-On Hanger wild bird house or feeder hardware accessories Pole Extensions wild bird house or feeder hardware accessories
Patio Base for 1" Poles Yard Butler Tree Ring wild bird house or feeder hardware accessories 20" Reach Screw Mount Arm
Screw Mount Arm Pole Universal In-Ground Pole Stabilizer Pole Mount Suet Feeder basket, mounted on any wood bird feeder, pole, post, tree or flat surface
All In One Station Bird Feeder Station Four Hooks hang seed feeder, suet feeder, fruit feeder and bird bath Acadia Bird Feeder Pole (Black or White)
Gardman Feeding Station Kit 66" or 96" Pole with 3 x 5 Plate Heavy Duty Magnum Quad Hanger ground step
80" Heavy Duty Sectional Pole Tree Bird Feeding Station Pole Baffle Flanged ground socket. Heavy duty pole holds extra weight. Wide metal bracket, bird feeder
Universal Pole Kit for mounting feeders. Adaptors flat mount, hole mounts. Durable steel Universal 68" Sectional Pole Kit Super Tall Trio Hanger Shepherd Hook
Squirrel Proof Yellowstone: Old Faithful Birdfeeder Pole Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeding Station Squirrel Stopper System
Iron Three Arm Pole Topper Iron Four Arm Pole Topper Yard Tree Bird Feeder Hanger
Yard Tree Hanging Garden System Universal Pole Kit Yard Tree Station In-Ground
Triple Arm Birding Station Triple Arm Birding Station Elegant extra tall arm post. Expertly crafted, elaborate artistic center insert, decorative accents
Container Hummingbird Pole with Basket and Hooks 16" Seed Hoop 24" Seed Hoop
Extra wide seed hoop accessory attaches under almost any feeder to catch falling bird seed, stop Seed Tray Aspects Bigfoot Droll Yankees Universal Seed Tray
Heavy Duty Shepherd Pole 90" Double Shepherd Rod step on ground 90" Single Shepherd Rod step on ground
Adjustable height shepherd crook style bird feeding station. Ground foot step stake, 4 arms hang Adjustable height shepherds crook post, ground step footing stable placement. Hang feeders, plants Complete with adjustable mesh tray, removable dish accessories. Attracting backyard birds is easy
Single Bird Feeder Hanger Squirrel-Proof Super Tall Triple Hanger Birdhouse Feeder Pole step on ground stake
Container Hummingbird Feeder Hanger, Red or Black Duncraft 60" Masterpiece 4 x 4 Mounting Post Duncraft Masterpiece 83" Station Feeder
Duncraft Masterpiece 84" Feeding Station Dura-Trel Feeder Post Feeder Post Hanger
Duncraft Masterpiece Squirrel-Proof 4 Arm 84" Station Duncraft Masterpiece 84" Quad Station 14" All Weather Guard
14" All Weather Guard, 3 Colors to Choose 9-1/2" Mini Weather Rain Guard


Providing nesting and roosting box for wild birds is an important part of a sanctuary. These houses are designed for songbirds and perching birds - chickadees, wrens, titmice, nuthatches and the smaller backyard bird species. Wood, decorative bird houses.

North American, US Birds That Will Nest in Bird Houses

Below is a list of wild birds which may be encouraged to use man-made cavities, bird houses or nesting platforms and shelves.

Bluebirds, Eastern
Bluebirds, Mountain
Bluebirds, Western
Chickadee, Boreal
Chickadee, Gray Headed,
Chickadee, Mexican
Chickadees, Black Capped
Chickadees, Carolina
Chickadees, Chestnut Backed
Chickadees, Mountain
Common Barn Owls
Duck, Barrow's Goldeneyes
Duck, Black Bellied Whistling
Duck, Bufflehead
Duck, Common Merganser
Duck, Goldeneyes, Common
Ducks, Wood
European Starlings
Finches, House
Flickers, Northern
Flycatcher, Olivaceous
Flycatcher, Wied’s Crested
Flycatcher, Western
Flycatchers, Ash-throated
Flycatchers, Great Crested
Juniper Titmice
Kestrels, American
Mergansers, Common
Mergansers, Hooded
Nuthatches, Brown-Headed
Nuthatches, Pygmy
Nuthatches, Red-breasted
Nuthatches, White-breasted
Oat Titmice
Owl, Northern Saw-whet
Owls, Barn
Owls, Barred
Owls, Eastern and Western Screech
Phoebe, Black
Phoebe, Eastern
Phoebe, Say’s
Sparrow, Song
Sparrows, House
Swallow, Purple Martins
Swallow, Violet Green
Swallows, Barn
Swallows, Tree
Titmice, Bridled
Titmice, Plain
Titmice, Tufted
Warbler, Prothonotary
Woodpeckers, Downy
Woodpeckers, Golden-Fronted
Woodpeckers, Hairy
Woodpeckers, Northern Common Flicker
Woodpeckers, Red-Bellied
Woodpeckers, Red-Headed
Wren, Bewick’s
Wren, Brown Throated
Wren, Winter
Wrens, Carolina
Wrens, House