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Bird houses for birds of prey. Wood boxes for owls and kestrel with wood chips included.

Previously called the Sparrow Hawk, the American Kestrel consumes insects and small rodents and is cavity nest dwelling species which will nest in man Kestrel House The small species of screech owls who are only 10" tall and the little saw-whet owls at 7" tall have difficult competition from other birds as a resul Screech Northern Saw Whet Owl House

Bird houses designed in the correct heights and widths to be appealing to owls and other magnificent birds of prey. Attract cavity dwelling birds of prey to your habitat and practice natural pest control! Along with being attractive and desirable birds, owls and kestrels will hunt unappealing pests and rodents such as rats and go a long way to helping keeping their populations in control.

Owls which will nest in boxes, box sizes and height of placement. Of course please keep in mind that these are numbers from successful statistics and are known to work but are approximations. An individual owl will do what it dang well pleases despite the red carpet laid out.

 Entrance Placement
 Box Box height above
 interior height/ above Entrance ground
 floor depth floor diameter height
 Species inches inches inches inches feet
 Barred Owls 13x15 15-18 4 6 12-18
 Barn Owls 16 4 8 
 Owls and
 Kestrel 8x8 12-15 9-12 3 10-30
 Whet Owl 6x6 10-12 8-10 2 1/2 12-20

Note: the Great Horned owl requires a nesting platform, 24x24 placed way the heck above the ground.