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Starter Kits & Gift Sets Birdfeeders

Bluebird Feeding Starter Kit
Bluebird Nugget Feeding Package
Hopper style mesh bluebird feeder with two packs of bluebird nuggets. Nugget feeding is favorite all around! Bluebird Nuggets are compressed bits of mixed fat rich protein and fruits. Add a Nugget Feeder and fill with Bluebird Nuggets to watch how many numerous plumed friends you'll gain!

Classic Bird Feeding Starter Kit
Classic Feeding Package
All you need to start feeding the birds in one set! Tube bird feeder, hanger crook, bird seed, cleaning brush and cleaner. A great gift for birds lovers or to begin your hobby of birding in your own home.

Ground Table Starter Kit
Ground Table Package
Ground Table bird feeder with no waste bird seed mix. Ground Table with screen bottom is made of sturdy pine, making it light weight and easy to move. Table feeders attract a wide variety of birds since everyone can land on it, and they make great wildlife or squirrel feeding areas.

Hummingbird Best Feeder Starter Kit
Duncraft Best Hummer Set
Best Hummingbird four port set with weather guard, bee protection port covers and large cup ant moat. Popular hummingbird feeder set arrives with everything you need to begin feeding hummingbirds in your garden.

Hummingbird Starter Set
Hummingbird Starter Set
Hummingbird starter set features: The Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder, set of 3 hummingbird brushes, 24 oz. can of Clear Instant Nectar, the Ant Baffle andtop 5 hummingbird tips. Tiny and bright, hummingbirds are magnificent garden jewels.

Nyjer Feeder Starter Kit
Duncraft Thistle Nyjer Feeder Package
Nyjer tube feeder along with 5 lbs. of nyjer seed, and a handy seed scoop for easy feeder refilling. The absolute favorite food of the American Goldfinch on a feeder style design the naturally use.

Nyjer Stocking Starter Kit
Nyjer Super Gift Set
Classic nyjer bird feeder stocking kit. One 22 inch stocking and 5 lbs. of Nyjer Seed. Goldfinches love the easy to cling to style of a nyjer stocking and it is super sized to hold three pounds of nyjer seed!

Nyjer Thistle Starter Kit
Duncraft Thistle Nyjer Gift Set
Nyjer Gift Set package which includes two Nyjer stockings and five lbs. of Nyjer seed. Nyjer is the most loved food of the American Goldfinch, and the goldfinch is a wonderful guest to welcome to the garden!

Suet Ball Automatic Starter Kit
Automatic Suet Ball Package
Automatic suet feed ball feeder and 5 balls each of peanut balls and fruit & nut suet balls. We just love these Automatic Ball Feeder that refills themselves! Feeder holds up to five suet or seed balls at one time.

Suet Ball Basket Feeder Starter Kit
Gardman Suet Ball Feeder Kit
Suet Ball Feeder and 5 balls each of Peanut Balls and Fruit and Nut Suet Balls set. Pretty cage style suet ball holder can hold four suet or seed balls at one time. Birds find it easy to hang onto and grab treats from!

Suet Ball Feeder Starter Kit
Jumbo Plug Feeder and Peanut Suet Balls
Copper finish suet feeder and five peanut suet balls. Provide hearty fare of high energy suet plugs to your backyard bird friends! Feeder features a lock down lid and hanger bail with quick release and all metal construction.

Suet Basket Cakes Starter Kit
Suet Basket and 4 Cakes
Suet cage with four high energy suet cakes. An easy to use, fuss free suet feeder. This suet cage comes ready to use - simply open top, insert one suet cake and hang outside for the birds to enjoy.

Suet Plug Feeder Peanut Starter Kit
Jumbo Plug Feeder with 4 Peanut Boost Plugs
Metal feeder and four Peanut Boost Jumbo Plugs. So many birds love suet, from woodpeckers to wrens to titmice and chickadees. Invite thes great feathered friends to your refuge by bringing them the treats they love.

Suet Three Cake Starter Set
Triple Suet Cake Starter Set
This pack features over sized Triple Suet Feeder, six High Energy Suet Cakes and Guide to Attracting More Birds. Present suet into your backyard snack bar and increase the assortment of birds you will feed and delight in each day.

Tube Cage Squirrel Block Starter Set
Duncraft Squirrel Blocker Starter Set
This set features Squirrel Blocker Selective Feeder, five lbs. of birds favorite black oil sunflower seed and handy Guide to Attracting More Birds. Out foxing squirrels presents a challenge this feeder helps.

Tube Cage Squirrel Resistant Starter Kit
Duncraft Metal Haven Bird feeder
This Haven Package includes Sunflower Haven feeder and ten lbs. of black oil sunflower seed which wild birds love! Top and base of feeder are constructed of metal with cage fencing that birds like to perch on. Recycled resin tube.

Tube Feeder Starter Set
Duncraft Tube Feeder Starter Set
Package features Duncraft's Original Tube Feeder, five lbs. black oil sunflower seed and guide to Attracting More Birds. Tube style feeders are the perfect option for simple, care free bird feeding.

Birdfeeders come compete with seed or suet and ready to put outside and enjoy! A collection of ready to use gift sets for the bird lover or someone just starting out in their backyard bird watching hobby. Do you know someone who has caught the birding bug and wants to attract songbirds to their own habitat? The gift of birdsong is a special one and lasting. It is not a gift soon forgotten, but instead one that can give happiness day to day.

Maybe you would like to try a new style of bird feeder for yourself. These kits are a great way to get started feeding suet, nyjer, or other new feeder type to your backyard feathered friends!

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