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Garden ponds and waterfalls soothing and attractive to wild birds. Ground level water is natural for birds to bathe and drink, sound and movement of waterfalls highly visible and luring, them to a habitat.

Set up for a mini stream kit simple. One piece Boulder Brook Ground. Pondless design with 15-gallon reservoir in base - A beautiful small sized pool attractive to birds. Molded design provides easy installation into a variety of areas, kit - Molded design backyard pool kit fits easily into backyard decor. Circulating pond water attracts many species of birds -
Larger design kit featuring 4 layers to create a small moving pond in the backyard. Easy to install, dynamic water - Single Level Pond Kit sets up easily and birds will love it. Simply plug in and fill with water in a good location for - Perfect for smaller spaces, this is a mini pond kit which will circulate 200 gallons of water per hour and attract a -
Full size garden pond at 6L x 5W x 2D. Comes with a plumbing kit, 950 gallon per hour pump, everything needed - Full size garden pond at 8L x 11W x 2. Comes with a plumbing kit, 1200 gallon per hour pump, all that is needed - Large landscape pond at 11L x 16W x 2D. Comes with a plumbing kit, 2000 gallon per hour pump -
Large landscape pool kit at 16L by 21W by 2D. Comes with a plumbing kit, 4000 gallons of water per hour pump, all - - -
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Water and bathing stations is a primary way of attracting songbirds to your garden. Drinking water is mandatory and birds will seek out watering spots, particularly in the dry seasons when water may be scarce. Some birds may never visit feeding areas of your yard, but will come to bathe. It is important to their health to keep feathers groomed and parasite free. You can make your yard more attractive by including water or dust baths for your feather friends!

The sound of moving water is one of the best things you can do to attract songbirds to your garden, along with a great thing to do for yourself. Garden ponds are both soothing for you and attractive to wild birds. The ground level water is a natural area birds would bathe and drink from, along with the sound and movement of the water being highly visible and luring them to your habitat in the first place.

We at bird-house-bath personally have the very shallow modlesand can highly recommend them. We honestly can say that it has been one of the most successful things that we have done to attract wild birds to our sanctuaries. Birds that would never visit our feeders are frequent visitors, including those who are often too shy to visit urban gardens. Bluebird families are here daily only for this pond, and a host of thrushes, warblers and even tanagers. We are not into high maintenance but cleaning isn't that big of a chore - you set your own rocks around these, so we used flat, decorative stepping stones. When cleaning, we simply set aside one of the stones and sweep out with a stiff broom. Every few months we give the bottom surface a good scrubbing with a stiffer brush so no slippery slime builds up. Re-fill with fresh water and you are good to go. Probably twice a year we scrub it out with a very mild soap, but that's about it. Everything visits our little pond and the birds are totally nuts over it.