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Bird House Box - Bluebird, Purple Martin, Decorative & Wooden

Bird houses - decorative, martin, hummingbird, wood and wooden painted designs from fancy to rustic.

Bird Houses & Boxes

Few North American birds actually nest in cavities, but still more than 80 species will make use of a nesting box/house. Since natural cavities where birds make their homes are becoming increasingly difficult for birds to find due to land clearing and competition from imported species, you will help songbirds out by supplying them with houses.

Bird house can be a cavity, or classic bird box, but some types prefer nesting shelves. A nesting shelf is just that, a simple shelf or platform for birds to build a nest on which you can make yourself or purchase.

When building or buying a birdhouse, consider the following factors:

Birds of Prey Houses - Bird houses designed in the correct heights and widths for owls, American kestrels and other birds of prey. Attract larger species of cavity dwelling birds of prey to a habitat and practice natural pest control!

Beautiful Birding Bluebird Houses - Bird houses made especially for bluebirds. Providing nesting boxes is one of the surest ways to attract bluebirds to your garden. While they may not be interested in seed offered at feeders, they need cavity nesting sites.

Decorative Indoor & Outdoor Wood Bird Houses - Decorative indoor or outdoor wooden bird houses. Copper roof mansions, painted Victorian and rustic designs. Use outdoors for garden decor or indoors. Decorative pedestal collection included.

Songbird Houses & Roosting Boxes - Providing nesting sites for wild birds is an important part of creating a sanctuary for wild birds. Houses are designed for songbirds and perching birds - chickadees, wrens, titmice, nuthatches and the smaller backyard bird species.

Backyard Bird Nesting Materials - In addition to adding houses to a habitat, you can also help feathered friends to gather the nesting materials they use to build their homes. By providing safe nesting materials you encourage wild birds to raise their young in your yard.

Purple Martin Houses - Purple martins are a highly desirable bird to attract to your backyard habitat. They are beautiful and watching their flight patterns enjoyable past time. Purple martins are also a great help with natural insect control in your environment as they consume bugs.

Woodpecker Houses - As trees are cleared from landscapes, woodpeckers have lost their habitat. Species such as red headed, downy, red bellied, hairy, pileated and flickers will make use of a man made nesting box. Adding a woodpecker house woodpeckers survive.