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Window bird feeders are great for bringing nature up close where you can watch the birds and see their individual species details. You can see cardinals, chickadees and titmice at close view, and see every feather color. Often window bird feeders are not accessible to squirrels, either, which is a bonus! Frequently, jays, crows, starlings and other bully birds can not get in them either, so if you wish to keep these species of birds out of feeders they are a best option. We use our window bird feeders for special treats such as peanuts or sunflower chips. The smaller songbirds - in particular chickadees, titmice and nuthatches, are at our window feeders all day. They are also one of the best bird feeding gifts for kids! Children can easily take care of these themselves, and the rewards of having birds at the window are rewarding to kids and help to teach them to admire nature.

8" Window Awning Feeder 12" Window Awning Feeder Durable clear plastic. Simple to use, easy to mount, fill and clean. Held by suction cups strong glass grip
Longer version of Cardinal Classic. Several birds can eat at same time. Attach to glass by suction cups Duncraft Mini Window Seed Bird Feeder. Attach to glass with suction cups, view songbirds See songbirds close. Great kitchen window viewing, perfect for bird watchers to teach kids
Duncraft Songbird Buffet seed bird feeder. Small garden songbird glass mount treat Window Cafe Feeder Duncraft Window Chalet seed bird feeder attaches to glass with suction cups. Supply wild
Clearview Window Feeder Observer Window Mount Bird Feeder. Dishwasher safe, suction cups for firm adhesion to glass Winner window mount seed bird feeder with roof. Plexi top to help keep out rain water, dry
Country Station Window Feeder Duncraft Double Buffet window mount bird feeder. Small treat cups set inside plexi tray. Supply Duncraft Mini Dish window mount bird feeder. Small treat cup set inside plexi tray. Supply
Eco-Classic Window Feeder Duncraft Extreme Window Feeder Window Meal Worm Feeder
One way mirror film so cardinals, chickadees, wild birds can't see indoors as they feed. Clear plastic One-Way Mirror Window bird feeder made of plastic attaches to window with suction cups Copper Window Oriole Feeder
Mixed Treat Window Feeder Duncraft Platform Window Feeder Open Air Window Platform Feeder
Cardinal Window Chalet Eco Fly Thru Window Feeder Eco-friendly Window mount bird feeder shatterproof recycled plastic. Easy clean, best for watching
Super Songbird Mirrored window mount seed bird feeder. One way mirror keeps wild Songbird Mirrored window mount seed bird feeder. One way mirror design keeps wild birds seeing Birds Eye View Window Feeder
Sheltered Window Suet Feeder EZ View Window Suet Feeder Teeter Totter Window Feeder
Squirrel Proof Window Selective Copper Window Hummer Feeder Use reflective window film on inside of window in front of feeder so birds see their reflection as they eat


Window bird feeders for hummingbirds and songbirds. View wild bird activity up close through window glass! Window Bird Feeders - Best for seeing backyard birds right up close! These are also fantastic for kids. Window sill bird feeders are outstanding for any time of year but they are particularly pleasant during bad weather. These most often suction cup straight to glass and are a great way for young and old to see wild birds. Use special treats in them such as shelled peanuts and you will get lots of avian visitors.

Window Bird Feeders: Window bird feeders make unique gifts and are frequently an add on feeding station for bird watchers. Often they will not have one, but would like to add one to their collection. Window feeders bring the more social birds right up to a lass pane, making it fun fr a bird watcher to see songbirds up close. Window feeders have been about a long time, but they too have grown in to be available in a wide variety of diverse designs since the first plastic editions appeared a few decades ago. In later years, some very ornamental, appealing feeders have been produced, and there is a broad selection of these which are available now as gifts for a bird lover friends and relations. Window feeders can be styled for specific species of bird. You will find feeders for bluebirds, hummingbirds, orioles and other beautiful songbirds. There are also outdoor bird seed tree trimming ornaments which make wonderful holiday decorations at Christmas time!