Backyard bird watcher supply shop for tube wild bird feeders. Triple tube, chew proof metal hanging or pole mount styles for attracting small songbirds.

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Tube bird feeders in decorative, chew proof metal, cage and squirrel proof styles for small songbirds birds like chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, nuthatches and gold finches. Tube feeders are long, hollow cylinders to pour seeds in with feeding ports holes down the tube. The feeding ports have long or short perches, depending on what sorts of songbirds you wish to attract. Tube feeders are often made of Plexiglas, so the seed level easy to see and know when the feeder needs to be refilled. They can be made from decorative materials or chew proof metal and a few are triple tube to offer a variety of food types. Some come with a seed tray while others do not. Usually if a model does not come with a tray, you can purchase a tray separately which will attach to the feeder. A large tray on a tube feeder will accommodate the larger wild birds. Post mount or hanging. Also see: Cage Baffle Bird Feeders and Thistle Nyjer Tube Bird Feeders.

All Food Bird Feeder Basketball Seed Feeder Heavy Duty Birch Log Seed Feeder
Copper Acorn Seed Feeder Provincial Seed Feeder Radiant Tube Feeder
Droll Yankee B 72 Classic Feeder Droll Yankees Elite Tube Feeder Droll Yankee Battery operated squirrel proof bird feeder Droll Yankees. Weight activates motor, spins
Droll Yankees squirrel proof bird feeder stainless steel. Droll Yankees Weight activated collapsing perches Droll Yankees Wicked Tall Feeder Cardinal Tube Bird Feeder
Dragonfly Tube Bird Feeder Trumpet Vine Tube Bird Feeder Fluted Seed Feeder
Six metal seed ports, cap and base, simple clean base twists out for cleaning. Classic songbird tube Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Seed Bunker Wild Bird Feeder
Duncraft Tube Seed Tray Rugged. Seed ports allow several songbird species to feed at once. Heavy duty metal parts deter Aspects Quick Clean Big Tube Feeder
Aspects Large Seed Tube Feeder Aspects Medium Tube Feeder Ladybug Squirrel Resistant Tube Feeder
SureFill Metal Mixed Seed Bird Feeder SureFill Small Plastic Bird Feeder 30" Songbird Lover's Feeder
Triple Tube Feeder 2 in 1 Triple Tube Feeder Duncraft Triple Tube Jr Bird Feeder
Wingfield 16" Seed Feeder


Tube bird Feeders

They are usually used meant for small wild birds like chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, nuthatches and finches with the perches made small to discourage larger birds such as blue jays, grackles, blackbirds and doves. The feeding ports are large enough to fit sunflower seeds, or specialty Thistle Nyjer Bird Feeders which has smaller feeding holes designed for nyjer seed. Large birds can still feed off seed scattered on the ground if you have short perches on a tube feeder, so you will not eliminate them completely from your backyard.

Tube feeders can be pole mounted or hung depending on your area or personal preference. Due to their compact size, they are a great choice for smaller spaces such as courtyards or apartments.

The con: There are a couple of things you may want to consider when looking over tube feeders. By their design they have 4 to 8 perches from where birds can eat. As the seed gets eaten, the seed level in the tube lowers past the top feeding ports. So as the seed level goes down, less birds can get access to the seed. Only the lower perches still have food in the feeding ports. You can either refill the feeder often or expect to have birds perched at empty ports. Some tube feeders have extra long cylinders without feeding ports up the entire tube, allowing the feeder to have a reserve of seed.

They are outstanding to attract smaller songbirds! Also, tube feeders are perfect for multi family dwellings such as apartments, condos or townhouses. If a bottom tray and a hulled or shelled seed used, there is far less of a chance of annoying neighbors with seed shell mess. This also makes them a great choice for decks and patios. Using a single type of seed in a tube feeder also allows you to offer special treats to smaller birds without feeder hogs and raiders consuming expensive seed or seed mixes.

Another important quality in a tube feeder is that the ports have a metal protector around the seed holes. This keeps the ports from getting destroyed by birds pecking at the seed. Some have a small oval ring around the feeding port hole itself, while others have a metal band that wraps completely around the feeder with an opening at the feeding port. The metal band is far better than the ring model. Make certain that your tube feeder has ports flush to the bottom so that there is no dead space where seeds can collect and rot. If the bottom port is flush with the bottom of the feeder, the birds will keep seed from building up and getting old for you.

Tube wild bird feeders may be hung or pole mounted and require squirrel/raccoon guards and may be cleaned with hot water, a stiff bottle brush and dish soap or light bleach solution. When purchasing a tube feeder, be sure to have a long bottle brush for cleaning! Rinse the feeder very well!

Give your tube seed feeders a shake before you refill them and dislodge any compacted seed. Dump out any wet clumps of old seed. Disinfect clean tube feeders by scrubbing with a weak bleach solution - 1/4 cup of bleach to 2 gallons of warm water - every few weeks, using a long handled bottle brush to scrub out the tubes. Make sure all seed trapped in the bottom of the feeder is cleaned out. Do this more often in summer or rainy periods. Rinse and allow feeders to dry before refilling. Remember! Bleach is not good for metal so do not soak tube feeders with metal parts or leave bleach on metal for any period of time. Wash and rinse thoroughly. Avoid bleach on metal.

Tube Feeder Tips

- Do not offer wild bird mixes in tube feeders. These are better used on Platform Bird Feeders or Hopper Bird Feeders. Birds that prefer sunflower seed will just empty a tube feeder to get at the sunflower seeds, throwing the other seed types in the mix on the ground. It is best to offer one type of seed in a tube feeder.
- If you like to feed the birds hulled sunflower hearts, a tube feeder is a good choice. Keep them protected from wet weather where seeds can quickly spoil.