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Suet feeders are small, box like wire cages which hold suet cakes. The wire cages are easy for clinging birds to land on and feed, but other perching birds usually can not. A must to attract woodpeckers and nuthatches! Suet - From woodpeckers to bluebirds, mockingbirds to warblers, suet attract a variety of birds to a garden with the addition of a suet feeder. Suet, in its purest form, is simply animal fat. This food is high energy food with lots of calories, fat and protein that birds need, particularly as the days and nights get cooler. Suet is a high energy blend of animal fat and other ingredients to appeal to insect eating birds who might not visit a feeder with only seeds. It is a immediate source of heat and energy for birds. It commonly has been used as a beneficial substitute for the insects that birds generally feed upon but are not easy for them to find in cold weather. Suet can be offered all year long by using specialty no melt dough in warm, summer weather.

Copper Squirrel Proof Barrier Multi Feeder Set Caged basket style squirrel proof suet bird feeder, keep large birds out of food. Woodpeckers, nuthatch, wrens Squirrel Proof Double suet bird feeder. Prevent starlings or squirrels from stealing food. Guard food
Globe Suet Ball Feeder Baffled Squirrel Resistant Palace Squirrel Proof Baffled Suet Feeder. Large, squirrel proof protect food from weather, starlings, grackles or jays. Supply
Classic Suet Bag net hanging bird feeder. Attract chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice and a variety of species Ceramic Bell Ball Feeder, Set of 3 Deluxe Seed & Suet Ball Feeder
Eco Cardinal Suet Ball Feeder Protected Seed Ball bird feeder. Vinyl covered seed or suet ball holder with clear over head weather dome Hexihaus Compact Suet Cake Feeder
Hexihaus Suet Cake Feeder Oval Spring Feeders, Set of 3 Handy automatic Ball Feeder holds up to five suet or seed balls. As one ball is eaten, the next automatically drops
Cardinal Seedball Feeder Seed 'N Suet Combo Feeder Staked Suet Ball Feeder
Clinger Suet Seed Ball bird feeder for a small accent, hanging feeding station to feed garden songbirds Sunflower Suet Ball Feeder Tree Mount Suet Ball Feeder
Wingfield 16" Suet Ball Feeder Birdola Stackers Package seed cylinder Birdola Stacker Stand for holding round seed blocks for different types of food at bird feeding station
Cylinder Wire Feeder seed cylinder Hanging Seed Block Feeder Classic Seed Log Metal Feeder
Stack wild bird feeder seed cylinder EZ Wire Seed Log Feeder Duncraft Suet Cake Chalet bird feeder made from durable recycled plastic milk jugs. Easy clean long
Classic Suet Feeder holds two cakes Red Arrow Covered Diner Suet Feeder BirdsChoice Seed Cylinder Feeder
Duncraft 2 Sided Suet Chalet made from durable recycled plastic milk jugs. Double sided to feed more Red Arrow Double Diner Suet Feeder Duncraft Suet Attractor Feeder holds two cakes
Woodpecker Suet Shield Wrap Feeder Double Woodpecker Suet Feeder Double Sided Suet Tail Prop Feeder
Clinger Suet Feeder Super Clinger Suet Feeder holds four cakes Duncraft Seed Suet Attractor
Fly-Through Suet Ball Feeder Fly-Through Suet Cake Feeder Log Jammer Hardwood Feeder
Airplane Suet Log Feeder Suet Plug Bird Feeder Recycled Suet Log
Pole Mount Suet Feeder basket, mounted on any wood bird feeder, pole, post, tree or flat surface Weather Sheltered Suet Feeder Eco Strong Mesh Feeder
Eco-Strong Suet Bird Feeder. Green living for a garden songbird sanctuary. Woodpeckers Large capacity suet or seed block basket feeder. 4 suet cakes or one over sized brick block. Protective roof Woodpecker Suet Feeder
Suet Saver Feeder Large Suet Saver Feeder Protected Seed Block Haven & Pole
Three In One Bird Feeder Sheltered Suet Shield Blocker Feeder Pileated Woodpecker Suet Shield Wrap Feeder
Copper Roof Suet Feeder Lobster Buoy Suet Feeder Three Woodpecker Suet Shield Wrap Feeder
Acorn Suet Cake Feeder Over sized tail prop, four full sized cakes. Designed larger for Pileated woodpeckers. Long wood prop Duncraft EZ Tail Prop Suet Feeder
Single cake tail prop feeder. Woodpeckers rest their tails against longer surface. Wood cedar, large bird Recycled Double Tail Prop Eco Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder
Eco Strong Tail Prop Suet Recycled plastic Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet bird feeder. Easy to clean, easy to fill. Best habitat Tail Prop Suet Shield Blocker Feeder
Duncraft Tail Prop Suet Bird Feeder. Wooden white pine, green vinyl covered suet baskets Double cake tail prop feeder. Woodpeckers brace tails against long surface. Wood cedar, birds large Woodpecker Tail Support Suet Feeder
Sheltered Suet Shield Blocker Tree Mount Triple Compartment Feeder Duncraft Suet Cake Trifecta Feeder
Combo Mealworm, Suet Balls or Peanut Feeder Duncraft Suet Magnet Feeder Underneath Suet Feeder
Eco Strong Double Upside Down Suet Feeder Recycled plastic Eco Upside Down Suet bird feeder. Up Side Down helps stop starling Roof Top Suet Feeder
Sheltered Stained Suet Feeder Touch Free Suet Feeder Copper Roof Upside Down Suet
Upside Down Disk Suet Feeder Double Upside Down Suet Bird Feeder. Up Side Down feeding helps stop starlings. Large EZ Fill Upside Down Suet Feeder
Eco Strong Upside Down Suet Upside Down Suet Shield Blocker Feeder Upside Down Suet
Wild Delight Seed Block Feeder Cardinal Window Bird Feeder Window Copper Top Suet Feeder
Sheltered Window Suet Feeder EZ View Window Suet Feeder Window Suet Ball Feeder
Window Suet Shield Blocker Feeder Mr. Bird Large Seed Suet Block Cage Neat Feeder Suet Cage
Suet Shield Blocker Feeder EZ Fill Suet Block Feeding Basket Tree Mount Suet Feeder Nest Builder


Suet Bird Feeders

Suet and seed block feeders are small, box like wire cages in which you to put a formed block seed, or suet cakes, plugs or balls. Some hopper bird feeders also havewire holders on either end of the feeder to place suet cakes, allowing you to keep your bird feeding station in one area. The wire cages are easy for clinging birds to land on and feed, but other perching birds usually can not. If you wish to attract woodpeckers and nuthatches to your garden, suet does the trick. You may also create homemade suet feeders by packing the suet mixture into the crevices of large pine cones, holes frilled in a log which you hang, or offer crumbled suet on a platform bird feeders.

Always locate your suet feeder in as much shade as possible in order to help it from spoiling as quickly.

Do not use nylon bags such as onions come in. Bird feet can tangle in these easily and cut them badly.

Suet attracts downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, red bellied woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches, wrens, creepers and many other birds. Even though bluebirds prefer insects, mealworms and berries, they may be interested in a peanut butter or berry suet mixtures. Most often this is during the winter when temperatures go below <40įF or after the first freeze, when insects become inactive, or early spring. Bluebirds seem to prefer suet crumbled into small lumps.

You can purchase pre-made suet cakes, plugs, nuggets and spreads, or make your own homemade recipe. Making your own suet is always fun to try!

Suet recipes:

We make our own suet and have found that the birds love it. Peanut butter suet recipes have always been the most sucessful for us along with insect suets but we haven't been brave enough to collect a few thousand bugs to make our own, so we purchase that (we have great luck with the insect spread). We have used dried mealworms and it was a big hit. Experiment with suet types! We've found that it depends on the time of the year as to which does best. Some months it is fruits, sometimes bugs.

There is controversy as to crisco vs lard, so please do research and decide for yourself if you wish to use crisco. We live in the deep south, lard is not an option for us. It spoils within hours even in the winter. In the rare occasion we have colder temperatures we will put out lard. When we lived in the extreme north we used lard.

Also, we have seen the same suet recipe where people melt the crisco and peanut butter. We donít do this, but just basically mix the stuff up until itís a texture which can be easily made into patty shapes. You may or may not want to melt the mix together.

Our favorite recipe:

1 Cup Chunky Peanut Butter
2 Cups Cornmeal
2 Cups Quick Cook Oats
1 Cup Lard or Crisco
1 Cup White Flour
Mix it all up and form cakes. We make a large batch, make patties out of it, wrap the extras in cellophane and store in the freezer. You can add other ingredients for variety and test what birds like. Often we add raisins to the mix, or cranberries.

This is a list of ingredients we have heard used in suet bird food mixtures. You can try any dried fruit and mix it in.
Cat food (canned or dry)
Dog food (canned or dry)
Chopped dried fruit
Dried coconut
Dehydrated bananas
Dehydrated insects
Dried cranberries
Dried elderberries
Wild berries
Bakery products (bread, buns, donuts, cookies, crackers)
Chopped corn
Various Seed Mixes
Ground bone - bone meal or cuttlebone
Chopped nuts
Sunflower seeds shelled
Other shelled seeds

Dried crushed egg shells
which provide wild birds calcium from the egg shells, while sand will provide and grit for. Both can be difficult for wild birds to find during the winter in snowy regions.