Platform bird feeders attract a variety species. Platform tray feeders allow large or small birds to land eat. Hanging pole mount or ground.

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A platform bird feeder will attract the widest variety and greatest number of birds since they are so easy for birds to both see and land on. They are great when trying to attract shy birds to a habitat as the birds are more likely to land on the tray bird feeder at first. Pole mount, 4x4 post mount or hanging designs. Wild Bird Mixes - Best offered on a tray or platform bird feeder. Mixes of bird seed may contain any number of seeds and nut combination, They are not recommended to use in tube or hopper bird feeders as the birds will dig through the mix, pushing aside the seeds they do not want in order to get to the seed they do want. Your feeders will be emptied in no time, with the seed scattered about the ground.

Classic Platform Pole Feeder Adjustable Platform Feeder Dome Top Bluebird Feeder
15" Clear Glass Feeder Weather Dome Droll Yankees dish dome bird feeder, An open design great for cardinals and bluebirds, weatherproof Snacks Treats Feeder
Classic Cardinal Platform Feeder Eco Strong Duo bird feeder. Offer a variety of foods for more species of wild birds in a backyard watching Classic Removable Tray Feeder
Treehouse Delight Feeder Droll Yankees Fence/Deck Mount Silhouette Feeder Universal Deck Rail Feeder
Universal Platform Seed Saver Bird Feeder Domed Fly Thru Platform Feeder Eco Strong Double Decker Feeder
Double Platform Fly Thru Feeder Hanging Twin Removable Trays Feeder Droll Yankees Covered Platform Feeder
Droll Yankees Cutest Chickadee Feeder Duncraft Craftsman Bird Feeder Fly-Thru Flight Deck Feeder
Fly Thru Metal Gazebo bird feeder. Create a backyard habitat and attract shy songbird species with platform Duncraft Hanging Chalet bird feeder. Attract wild birds with seed and treats to small space feeding area Duncraft Large Hanging Chalet Seed Tray Bird Feeder. Clear plastic for best view of garden visitors
Eco Strong Hanging Haven Feeder Hexagon Hanging Bird Feeder Hexagon Gazebo with Clear Roof
Large Hanging Platform Feeder Cardinal Platform Feeder Eco Friendly Platform wild bird feeder tray
Eco Friendly Recycled Plastic Hanging Platform Bird Feeder. Open fly thru tray design is best wild EZ Clean Seed Maximizer Platform Feeder Squirrel Proof tray pole mount bird feeder platform package. Best gift set for backyard bird watchers starter
Squirrel Resistant Platform Feeder Large tray pole mount platform roof feeder. Made of cedar, wrought iron roof supports. Attract cardinals Going Green Fly Thru Feeder
Eco Fly Thru Platform tray bird feeder with weather guard roof, removable cups for serving fruit or meal worms Rooftop Platform with Pole Chalet Pole Mount
Eco Strong Squirrel Platform Post Platform Feeder with Roof Eco Strong Platform tray pole mount bird feeder. Includes a six foot pole for easy installation. Best gift
Rooftop Combo Planter Reflections Country Store Feeder Eco Delight durable, recycled plastic bird feeder. Strong and wasy to clean, roof protects food. Seed, suet
Cardinal Fly Thru Eco Feeder. Make cardinals feel safe, supply food for a wild bird sanctuary. Hanging style Reflections Fly Thru Feeder New England Pavilion Feeder
Vermillion Platform seed wild bird feeder Duncraft Double Delight Feeding Station Super Deluxe Bird Feeder


platform and fly thru bird feeders

A platform or fly thru bird feeder will attract the widest variety and greatest number of birds and can be hung, pole mount or 4x4 post mount styles. They feeders allow large or small birds to land and perch easily to eat. We have found that are great to use when trying to attract shyer birds to your habitat as the birds are more likely to land on the tray then at a perch bird feeder at first. After a shy bird has learned too use the platform feeder, it has been our experience that they will then start using your other feeding stations. Many birds can perch on a platform feeder at the same time and also on the feeding tray itself. Not only will the small perching songbirds enjoy this style feeder, but you will attract many ground feeding birds who will not use perches like you see on tube feeders. A platform feeder is as simple as a bird feeder can get. Itís just a flat surface. Take a large, flat object such as a piece of plywood and set it on a tree stump, block or bird bath pedestal and you've got a platform feeder. Feeder manufacturers have begun making and marketing platform feeders more in recent years with features such as mesh bottoms and roofs, which we think has been a wonderful addition!

Platform and fly thru feeders cater to ground-feeding birds such as doves, towhees and sparrows, as well as to larger birds such as grosbeaks and jays. They are very appealing to the birds due to their open design where birds may easily see any approaching predators. Birds can fly away quickly should any threat to them be in the area.

The advantage of using a platform feeder is that it's easy to fill, the birds can see and find the seed easily and there's nothing blocking your view when watching the birds. You may also use a wide variety of bird food types in a this style feeder, from bird seed, edible table scraps, bakery products to fruit. The down side is that platform feeders are open to the elements and can lose their seed in high winds or snow, can be dominated by squirrels or larger birds who chase away the smaller birds and can be a health hazard if not regularly cleaned.

A platform feeder is easy to clean but it must be done often as birds food and droppings can make them a liability where feeder hygiene is concerned. They require more maintenance since it's open design allows rain and snow to fall directly on the seed and there is nothing to protect it from the elements. Some platform feeders offer a roof over the top for a degree of weather protection from light rain fall and light snow. Several now come with a removable, perforated metal or mesh bottom for easy cleaning and to provide proper drainage of your bird seed. We find these much easier to clean.

Our personal platform feeders are used not as primary seed feeders, but to be able to offer up the odd types of food we donít keep continuously out such as raisins and bakery foods. This style feeder keeps such foods off the ground. We also use them to attract shy songbirds to our gardens. However, many people use them as their primary seed feeding stations due to the fact that the birds may be seen so easily. Platform feeders are the most basic feeder style, but they can be used with any food type and are used by virtually all feeder visitors. For these reasons a platform or fly thru feeder is a versatile part of any feeding operation.

Platform feeders may be pole-mounted, hung or placed on the ground on fold-out legs. Hung or pole mounted stations requiresquirrel and raccoon protection. Squirrels will feed at Ground Platform Feeders. Ground level feeders are excellent for attracting ground feeding birds such as doves, juncos and sparrows, or to put out food for squirrels. They are easy to clean with a stiff brush, hot water and soap.