Whimsical, decorative and unique wild bird feeders. Garden art for backyard sanctuary and habitats, bird watchers favorites.

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Whimsical, decorative and unique garden art bird feeders which will add to garden decor and feed wild birds. Perfect for wild bird habitats and a backyard sanctuary. This beautiful pieces are garden art and the birds will love them!

Amethyst Starburst Seed Feeder black oil. Pretty glass with facited shape. Decorative Mason Jar Wild Bird Feeder for an old fashioned look, vintage style Bird Pavilion Seed Feeder wooden four sided hanging seed hopper to attract wild birds
Black Lab Bistro Bird Feeder whimsical and fun, a charming addition to a backyard, balcony or deck Cardinal or Squirrel Bistro whimsical and fun Copper Cat Cardinal Bistro garden whimsy
Spiky Owl Bistro or Bee Skep Bistro Caged Leaf Tube Feeder Caged Songbird Vintage
Cardinal Seedball Feeder Chickadee Bird Feeder Reflections Country Store Feeder
Ladybug Squirrel Resistant Tube Feeder Butterfly Hopper Feeder Large Lantern Seed Feeder
Mini Copper Finish Lantern Feeder Fancy Ladybug Mesh Feeder Mushroom Mesh Feeder
Snowman Feeder (38% OFF) Mrs Snowman Feeder (38% OFF) Solar Snowman Bird Feeder
No/No Solar Lighthouse Feeder Coneflower Bird Feeder Hummingbird Garden Bird Feeder
Airplane Suet Log Feeder Cardinal Tube Bird Feeder Chickadee Silhouette Bird Feeder
Dragonfly Tube Bird Feeder Trumpet Vine Tube Bird Feeder Welcome Pineapple seed bird feeder. A lovely gift idea for backyard bird watching friend or family member, colorful


Whimsical, decorative and unique garden art bird feeders. This pieces are garden art and the birds will still love them!