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Garden Bird Baths & Fountains. Pedestal, solar powered, hanging and pedestal in copper, cement, concrete, resin, ceramic, mosaic, stone and other designs. Heaters and deicers.

bird baths: water, drinking & bathing

Water is a great way to attract song birds to your backyard garden and a necessary factor for when creating a bird friendly habitat. Wild birds need drinking and bathing water and will actively seek out areas which provide a steady supply. Many birds such as bluebirds, who do not commonly visit seed feeders, will make use of a bird bath. Creating a bird bath can be a simple as setting out a plastic flower pot tray or decorative ceramic serving platter. Planning out both the construction and placement of baths is important and will determine if the birds will use it.

Important factors to take into consideration regarding construction of a bird bath:

A bird bath should not be a deep pool, but instead shallow puddle of water. Edges of your bath should not be more than a half inch deep and slope gradually to the center to a maximum depth of about 2 inches. Birds will wade into the water, not hop in. So, when choosing a birdbath, make sure the depth of the water at the edge is no greater than one-half inch and provides a slope for them to walk in like on a beach. A deeper edge may provide birds with a place to drink, but they are unlikely to wade into and bathe in it.

The bottom surface of the bath should not be smooth, but instead textured in order to give the birds good foot grip. They will not stand on a slippery surface to take a bath. Something with slight bumps or ridges works fine, just not a completely smooth surface. Ceramic and copper bird baths are often made with ridges in it, but check.

If you wish to have more than one bird at the same time, the diameter should be 20 to 24 inches. A smaller bath is fine if you only want one bird bathing at a time or have limited space. They will still use it! Particularly for drinking! Smaller baths are often perfect for deck mounted water sources or apartment living, so do not completely rule out water if this is your case.

Bird bath Placement

A wild bird bath you should be placed about 10 to 12 feet from the shelter of nearby shrubs or trees, allowing birds nearby cover should a hark, domestic cat or other threat show up. However, cats and other predators can hide behind shrubs and attack birds while bathing so take care that these are not have low growing plants which allow places for predators to hide, yet still provide birds with perches and security. Birds also like to preen and groom after a bath so the nearby shrubbery will give them an area to perch to do so.

Pick a sunny location as best you can. Yes, we know birds are picky, picky picky! They much prefer sun to shade when bathing and a nice, warm sunny spot will bring the most birds to your yard.

Place the bath away from your bird feeders and bird houses. Avoid highly active and heavy traffic areas. Wild birds are shyer about bathing than feeding and will not do so in a place that is busy or crowded.

Deck & Hanging Bird Baths - Deck rail mounted and hanging bird baths for attracting wild birds. Heated or decorative. Wild birds need drinking and bathing water and will seek out areas which provide a steady supply. Many birds such as bluebirds will make use of a bird bath.

Water Fountain Bird Baths - Outdoor garden bird bath water fountains for wild birds. Attract songbirds to a backyard with the sound of moving water and add besuty to outdoor decor.

Ground & Low Pedestal Bird Baths 25" Lower - Ground level & short pedestal 25" lower in copper, concerete, resen, fibergalss and cement. Low bird baths are natural for wild birds used to bathing in puddles of water and will naturally be attracted to a bath which is placed on the ground.

Metal Pedestal Bird Baths - Metal pedestal bird baths. Traditional pedestal style garden bird baths in decorative, elegant, unique or modern styles. Also illuminated and lighted.

Traditional Pedestal Bird Baths 26" Tall Up - Pedestal bird baths 26" and taller. Traditional pedestal style bird baths in copper, resin, cement, concrete and stone. Pedestals provide a good view for birds to see predictors, while providing the birder a great view of the birds in the water.

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains - Solar bird baths is a fountain powerd by the sun using small solar panels. Solar powered fountains are a self contained unit, saving you from having to set up a complex water fountain system.

Garden Stake, Stand Bird Bath / Feeders - Garden stake and wrought iron style pedestal bird baths or feeders in copper, resin, ceramic. Beautiful functional accents add to backyard decor. Most may be used as wild bird feeders.

Sundial Bird Baths - Shop for sundial bird baths. Decorative antiqe style in the backyard décor and functional for attracting wild birds to a garden with water.

Water Heated Bird Baths - Heated, solar heated bird baths and de-icers for winter. Birds still need water in winter when the temperatures are freezing. For places where bird baths freeze or ice over, heated bird bath keeps water from freezing.

Bird Bath Water Wigglers, Misters & Drippers - Shop for water misters, drippers and bird baths water wigglers. Birds are attracted by motion and noise of moving water. The sound can attract flycatchers, warblers, thrushes or species who may not normally visit a backyard.

Bird Bath Waterfalls & Ponds - Garden ponds and waterfalls soothing and attractive to wild birds. Ground level water is natural for birds to bathe and drink, sound and movement of waterfalls highly visible and luring, them to a habitat.