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Yard Habitat Bird Bath Accessories

Bird Bath Cleaner
Bird Bath and Statuary Cleaner
This soy based green cleaner removes mineral deposits and scum deposits from bird baths and statuary. It cleanses stone and brick baths, statues and sculptures of organic debris.

Bird Bath Cleaner Protector
Bird Bath Cleaner and Protector
Natural enzymes which help prevent mineral deposits, stains, build up and organic contaminates from taking form, reestablishing clarity and beauty to the water in a birdbath.

Bird Bath Washing Brush
Washing Brush
Convenient, soft-bristle brush attaches to outdoor garden hose, making jobs like scrubbing baths, large feeders, even outside furniture a piece of cake.

Birdbath Care Kit
Birdbath Care Kit
Keep your birdbath clean so birds keep visiting and stay healthy. Exclusive Bath Care Kit possesses everything necessary for speedy and easy maintenance. All natural soy based cleaner is safe for use around birds, animals, and aquatic life.
Provide birds a safe place to land and launching from anyplace within a birdbath. Birdbath Filler balls are made of heavy natural stoneware clay and settle to the bottom of a bath. Decorative rocks allow deposit to filter to the bottom, leaving perching areas clean.

Disposable Birdbath Water Cleaner Drops
Disposable Birdbath Water Cleaner - Pack of 2
Keep birdbaths healthy, safe and clean. Prevent stains, mineral deposits and organic build up in birdbaths with this specially formulated cleanser. All natural, safe for use around wildlife.

Garden Fountain Cleaner Refills
Fountain Cleaner Refills pack of 4
Fountain Cleaner Refills are available to keep fountain water fresh, healthy and clean. Prevent stains, mineral deposits and organic build up in garden fountains with this specially formulated cleaner.

Garden Fountain Protector
Fountain Protector
Natural enzymes help forestall mineral deposits, stains and organic contaminates from forming, reestablishing clarity and beauty to the water in backyard fountains.

Refillable Garden Fountain Water Cleaner
Refillable Fountain Water Cleaner
Keep yard fountain water sparkling clean. Helps to prevent stains, mineral deposits and organic build up in backyard fountain with a specially formulated cleaner.

Simple Fix Outdoor Glue Pen
Simple Fix- Outdoor Glue Pen
This outdoor glue pen builds a steel like bond for fixing birdbaths or garden decorations. And it won’t stick to skin! Works on almost all surfaces fiberglass, glass, masonry, metal, pottery and wood.

Tools and cleaning supplies for keeping your bird baths clean and free of anything which may be harmful to your bird friends. It's important that you clean out your bird baths and feeding stations regularly in order to maintain a safe backyard habitat for wildlife. Make sure debris are swept out and surfaces free of algae or slippery material which would make your birdbath and unsafe place to land.

Keep your birdbath clean! Be sure that cleaning your birdbath is easy and practical. Birdbaths must occasionally be scrubbed out with a brush to keep the bottom surface from getting slippery, and leaves, pollen and other debris can fall in it.

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