Bats are fascinating creatures and natural insect control. Attract bats with specially designed wooden bat houses and boxes. House and box tested and work!

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Bats are fascinating creatures and natural insect control. Attracting bats to your habitat allows you to enjoy their wonderful aerobatics while keeping the mosquito population down. At dusk they will come out and put on a flying show for you and helping to allow you the luxury of being able to sit outdoors without being mobbed by mosquitoes and gnats.

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Bats are beautiful, beneficial animals to have on your property yet they remain among the most misunderstood of our backyard wildlife visitors. Some people are very afraid of these nocturnal critters and they have an undeserved reputation for being undesirable. Don't let these myths about bats scare you. They are great to have in a garden and anyone who wishes to create a backyard habitat should make an effort to attract them to a yard!

Why Attract Bats to a Yard

These little flying mammals are great hunters of flying bugs and insect pests. They are reputed to consume mosquitoes and other annoying insects which fly around and bother you at night while you are trying to relax on the porch. These same bugs will also ruin your vegetable and flower gardens by eating and tearing up leaves and foliage. Research states that a single bat can eat more than 600 mosquitoes per hour. This means bats in a yard are wonderful as an organic pest control method.

Bat populations are also declining so you are helping wildlife by offering them shelter and a place to live. By creating a bat-friendly yard, you're also doing nature good on a grander scale. Bats, as with many species, are declining due to habitat loss and pesticide.

Hanging or post mounted bat houses are a great way to offer habitat to bats. They should be built from a rough, nontoxic wood such. A rough surface makes it easier for bats to grab onto so they may climb in and out of the house. It is most important that the inside of the box be roughened for they may cling while roosting in the day light hours and be able to sleep. They grip the rough interior sides with their feet. Hang them 10 to 20 feet above the ground. They may be mounted on a post or pole or on the side of a building. Place the box in a sunny location where it may absorb heat during the day. Mount bat houses on poles, buildings, or other structures.