Squirrel, raccoon baffle predator guards for bird feeder, house. Hanging, pole mount post 4x4. Stovepipe or cone raccoon and squirrel baffles.

Bird Feeder House Baffles, Squirrel, Raccoon Guards

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Bird feeder and house squirrel, raccoon baffle predator guards. Hanging, post 4x4. Stop squirrel raccoons from raiding your bird feeders or birdhouses where they can harm eggs or baby birds. Hanging or pole mount baffles.

4 x 4" Disk Squirrel Baffle, Copper Tint Economical 4 x 4" Disk Squirrel Baffle, Galvanized Finish 4 x 4" Post Baffle
4 x 4" Raccoon & Squirrel Baffle, Tan 4 x 4 Post Disk Baffle 4 x 4 Post Baffle attach to the bottom of wood 4 x 4 post and stop squirrels getting in feeders
4x4" Raccoon Post Baffle Screw Mount Birdhouse Guardian Small size 12" great for globe, peanut or suet feeders. Helps protect nectar feeders from weather
Aspects Fancy Swirl hanging 12" Deter squirrels and protect bird food, feeders from snow, rain, weather. Hang over tube, suet Aspects Super hanging
Aspects Super Tube Top Big Top Squirrel Guard Squirrel proof large or small feeders. Extra wide adjustable top guard Aspects Protect backyard bird feeding stations above from rain, snow, weather. See through dome over
20" Clear Squirrel Baffle Duncraft Tilt Top Baffle (Special Value) 15" Glass Baffle Weather Dome Cobalt Blue hanging
15" Glass Baffle Weather Dome Metal baffle discourages squirrels, chipmunks from above. Chew proof galvanized Extra Large Economical Extra Large Hanging Baffle
XL Hanging Disc Baffle Hanging or Pole Mount Emerald Squirrel Guard. Hanging top mount squirrel bird feeder baffle, protects from rain or snow
Clear plexi allows great view of backyard birds. Wide brim hat style for keeping squirrels, chipmunks Squirrel Stopper Metal Standard Baffle Deters Squirrels and Raccoons Duncraft Pole Baffle
17" Cone Squirrel Baffle, Black pole 17" Cone Squirrel Baffle, Copper pole Economical 17" Cone Squirrel Baffle, Galvanized
Orange Oriole Hat. Pole mount attachment for bottom oriole nectar feeders protection Clear plastic baffle fits 1/2 1 inch diameter poles. Stop climbing bird feeder, house poles Seed Buster Seed Tray and Catcher
18" Squirrel Baffle 14 Squirrel Baffle cone shape bottom mount baffle for underneath bird feeders, house box Superwide Pole Baffle
Superwide Pole Baffle Extra Large Baffle, Black wrap skirt Extra Large Baffle, Copper Tint wrap skirt
Replacement Collar for Erva Tool Pole Baffle Replacement Collar for Erva Tool Pole Baffle Rain & Shine Guard Replacement Hardware
Erva Tool Replacement Hardware Assembly Wingfield Squirrel Blocking Cage Squirrel Buster Weather Guard
Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard Squirrel Proof Spring Device Squirrel Stopper Universal Baffle
Stove pipe style stops raccoons climbing to bird feeders. Galvanized steel, weather resistant Classic stove pipe pattern keeps critters from climbing up to bird feeders. Weather resistant finish Orange Swirl Weather Guard. For smaller bird feeder weather protection. Keep nectar, seed fresh
Yellow Swirl Weather Guard. For small bird feeder weather protection. Keep food fresh Nyjer Stocking Weather Protector Mini Weather Guard
Squirrel proof bird feeder, chew proof metal fencing. Metal baffled, keeps seed out of reach Duncraft Weather Guard with Slot Droll Yankees Tweet Spot Canopy


Bird feeder and house guards to thwart squirrels. Keep squirrels from raiding your bird feeders with overhead squirrel baffles for hanging houses and feeders, or pole baffles for pole mounted houses and feeders. Squirrels will also get into birdhouses! Baffles help protect squirrels from accessing birdhouses where they can harm eggs or baby birds. Included are hummingbird feeder guards.

Squirrel Problems at Feeders

Squirrels live everywhere in the United States and eventually most backyard bird watchers will find themselves doing battle with the little bushy tailed critters. They come to our feeders, are amazingly brazen athletes and eat large amounts of birdseed along with damaging our expensive bird feeders. A squirrel can do a lot of damage to a feeder in a very short amount of time. They will also hog the feeding stations and keep smaller, less assertive avian friends from getting a chance to eat. There are steps you can take to keep squirrels from your feeders.

Feeder Placement
Feeder placement is perhaps the most important issue you need to consider when attempting to keep squirrels out of your stations. A squirrel will access a feeder from three directions: they will leap horizontally, jumping as high as eight feet straight up in the air from the ground, they will leap horizontally, launching themselves from their chosen launching pad such as a nearby tree trunk or they drop down from above onto a feeder from as far as eleven feet above the feeding station. To be successful at thwarting squirrels you must insure that all three of these access routes are blocked. If they find access in one of these three manners, they will make it a habit and it will quickly become a squirrel highway to your seed. We have all seen squirrels in action and they are incredible acrobats with an amazing ability to crash hard, get right back up and try again.

If you are going to hang a bird feeder from a tree limb or a Branch, make certain that the limb which supports the feeder is isolated and outside a squirrels jumping limits. This can be done on some trees which have isolated limbs extending out a distance beyond the trunk of the tree. We have found that deciduous tree branches can be best for supporting hanging feeders, while conifers or pines do not make a good choice as they have a dense, more compact branch structure which makes it almost impossible to adequately isolate a feeder.

Hanging feeders from a roof, overhang or porch is hard to protect. Pay attention to the surfaces and distances away that a squirrel can use as a launching pad to get to the feeder. They can climb wood, metal poles, stucco and even sometimes siding on a house. Look for overhead areas a squirrel can drop down onto a feeder from located above your chosen spot.

Squirrel Baffles to Protect Feeders Bird Houses
If you have squirrel problems, a baffle on your feeder or bird house is an important addition in winning the war against the cute commandos. A baffle is an obstruction which is made of metal or a heavy, thick plastic to prevents the squirrel from reaching the feeder or bird house. A baffle for a hanging bird feeder is disk or cone shaped and positioned like an umbrella over the hanging feeder so that the squirrels may not have access from the top. The cone or dome shape keeps them from getting a foot hold if they were to drop down from above. A pole baffle can be a disk, cone, wide flat tray or long can shaped tube which fits directly to the pole and prevents squirrels from climbing the pole itself.

If a hanging feeder is used, the baffle must be placed directly above the feeder, usually on the same chain in order to prevent the squirrels from climbing down the chain and onto the feeder. The baffle should act like a hat or umbrella over the feeding station. Place the feeder at least three feet below the supporting item from which the feeder is hung. The chain or wire used should be heavy and strong, with a quality s hook in order to support the weight of the feeder, bird food and a squirrel when it attempts to climb down the chain. Nylon or cotton rope is not a good idea as a squirrel will simply chew through this and crash your feeder to the ground. If the hanging feeder is hung from a tree limb, use a piece of rubber sheeting or hose to wrap the limb in in order to protect it.

Pole-mounted feeders positioned in open sites away from any launching pads a squirrel can use to leap onto or drop down on a feeder. This is rather a test as birds still like some perching nearby! Use a pole mounted baffle on the pole, placing it at least four feet above the ground, positioned below the feeder. A metal or wooden post or pole is no challenge for a squirrel to climb.