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Yard Habitat Cleaning Supplies

Feeder Cleaning Brush
Feeder Brush
Clean tube feeders with no fuss using a brush designed solely for the job. The generous twenty-three inch length makes reaching easy. Soft bristles clean thoroughly, yet leave no scratches.

Feeder Fresh Cleaner
Feeder Fresh
Help keep seed healthy, safe and fresh! Great for all tube feeders. Damp seed forms into moldy clumps which is a very unhealthy condition for birds, and a cleansing chore.
Handy, soft bristle brush attaches to a garden hose, making tasks lsuch as scrubbing bird baths, large feeders, even outdoor or deck furniture a breeze.

Nectar Feeder Brush Set
Nectar Brush Set
Brushes simplify cleansing your feeders. It is essential to keep nectar feeders clean. Dirt and mold can rapidly build up and can be harmful to wild birds.

Poop Off Bird Poop Cleaner
Poop-Off Bird Poop Cleaner 16 oz Brush Top
Instantly dissolves bird droppings and poop! This is the number one selling bird dropping remover in the world. Entirely safe to use on all wild bird feeding supplies and equipment.

Poop Off Spray
Poop-Off Spray Bottle 32 oz.
Instantly dissolves bird droppings! This is the number one selling bird dropping remover in the world. Completely safe to use on all wild bird feeding supplies.

Cleaning supplies to help you provide your visiting wildlife with a healthy environment. It is important that we take care of our feeding stations and keep them clean and healthy. A messy feeding station with spoiled seed or a build up of bird droppings can harbor disease and parasites, so keep feeding station areas free of debris. Food should be kept dry and not allowed to rot. If we are contentious about our bird feeding, we can welcome and enjoy watching songbirds and other feathered friends to our backyard habitats.

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