Squirrel proof and squirrel resistant bird feeders. Stop squirrels from raiding bird seed with weight activated, cage and metal chew proof birdfeeders.

Best Squirrel Proof, Resistant Bird Feeders

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While squirrels seem to get through anything, the people who make feeders have had a lot of experience working on squirrel resistant and proof. This selection of bird feeders includes baffles and built in squirrel guards. Scores of specialty feeders are designed which are made to outfox squirrels; though they may be able to get to the feeder and gaze longingly at the seed, the seeds, they canít quite reach them. Also see: Cage Baffle Bird Feeders.

Electric Blue Absolute II Mini Absolute II Feeder Absolute II Squirrel Proof Feeder
Big Top Squirrel Proof Feeder Weight activated. Birders Choice squirrel proof seed bird feeder made of chew proof metal. Best pick Birders Choice squirrel proof seed bird feeder. All metal with weight activated perch, drops down and protects
Classic Hanging seed feeder. Built in weather baffle over hopper seed feeding stations, squirrel baffle. Best bird Large Classic Hanging seed bird feeder. Large capacity squirrel proof. They can't hold on to tube or reach around baffle Dragonfly Squirrel Resistant tube sunflower seed wild bird feeder
Squirrel proof bird feeder by Droll Yankees. Tube is weight sensitive to support smaller songbirds feed easily Droll Yankees Jugunda Feeder Weight sensitive feeding tray tips when squirrels land or jump on it, not wild songbirds. Cardinals, chickadees and wrens
Droll Yankees Whipper squirrel proof seed bird feeder weight activated perches. Cardinals and songbirds eat Erva Squirrel Proof Feeder Evenseed Squirrel Dilemma sunflower seed wild bird feeder
Fortress Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Mini Magnet Squirrel Resistant Feeder Magnet Squirrel Proof Feeder
Mandarin A La Carte Mini Seeds N More Feeder Squirrel Buster Peanut feeder. Outer mesh caging drops down over food stations, keeping out critters
Squirrel Proof Platform Package. A great gift idea for backyard bird watchers. Open platform feeding tray Seed Bunker Wild Bird Feeder Sky Cafe Feeder
Emerald Sky Café with built in squirrel proof baffle. Large capacity, weather guard. Supply backyard birds Ruby Sky Café seed bird feeder, built in squirrel proof baffle. Hang or pole mount design, large capacity seed Sapphire Sky Cafes bird feeder, built in squirrel proof baffle. Hang or pole mount design, large capacity seed
Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver Squirrel Proof Squirrel Be Gone sunflower seed wild bird feeder Squirrel Be Gone The Baffler
Squirrel Be Gone Country Squirrel-Be-Gone Cylinder Feeder Squirrel Be Gone III Bird Feeder Triple Tube separate seed bins allow for variety of species. Supply backyard songbirds
Squirrel Buster Legacy Small size squirrel proof bird feeder. Weight activated, best idea for deck, apartment, patio or porch Weight activated. Squirrel Buster Plus proof bird feeder, hanging tube style for backyard bird watching
Squirrel Buster Plus Pole Adapter Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel Defeater Nut Feeder
Squirrel Defeater Seed Feeder Double Delight Squirrel-Proof Feeding Station Squirrel Resistant Platform Feeder
Squirrel Shield Tube Feeder Squirrel Slammer Squirrel X1
Squirrel X2 Squirrel X3 Squirrel-X3, Bronze
Duncraft Squirrel Proof Tilt Top Feeder Seed Duncraft Squirrel Proof Tilt Top Feeder Squirrel Proof Country Store with whimsical corrugated tin roof, quaint sign. Attractive feeding station
Extra sturdy hanging bird feeder, heavy duty metal parts deter squirrel damage. Create backyard habitat, sanctuary Reflective Red Vista Feeder Wildbill's Feeder


squirrel proof resistant feeders

squirrel baffles

We always recommend squirrel baffles even if your bird feeder is squirrel resistant. There are numerous types of birdfeeder baffles that can frustrate squirrels from invading your feeder. By simply restricting access to the the feeder, you thwart squirrels and they find other places to feed. The reward to using a baffle is that it works to separate the squirrel proof barrier from the feeder itself. Bird have easy admittance to the bird seed, and any size bird can still enjoy the feeder. This is frequently the more pleasing approach visually. This is oftentimes accomplished by pole mounting the feeder and attaching the baffle directly onto the pole. Since squirrels are quite genius at climbing the poles from which feeders are hung, several companies sell metal or plastic cylinders which you slide over the pole and fix to it, creating a barrier which prevents the squirrel from reaching the top of the pole. Additional types of baffles include flat plates and extended inverted cone shape barrier which is too wide for a squirrel to pilot around. With whatever baffle you choose, you must place them high enough along the feeder pole so that there is an adequate distance between the ground and the baffle - squirrels can jump six feet or more directly from the ground and still reach the feeder. Other types use a hanging system and the baffle acts as a roof over the feeder.

weight activated bird feeders

If your yard is too small for squirrel-proof location, or if you have to put the feeder in a unprotected spot, consider a squirrel-proof feeder. Squirrel-proof feeders are commonly set off by weight and built of metal so that squirrels can not chew through and damage or destroy them. A spring mechanism drops a protective shield over the seed supply when a squirrel lands on the feeding platform. Birds, however, are too light to trip the mechanism and can feed in peace. Although eight-activated feeders are typically costlier than regular feeders, however the investment rapidly pays for itself in lower seed costs and the gratification of recognizing the seed you put out is earmarked only for the birds. A feeder with a weight-activated perch will cause the seed tray door to slam shut the instant a squirrel climbs onto it.

Greasing poles

We very much do not recommend coating feeder poles with grease, oil, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, automotive oil or any other form of grease or glycerin as an anti-squirrel scheme. As well as being potentially toxic to wildlife, these substances can also mat fur and feathers, causing them to lose their insulating properties. Birds can not clean grease off their feathers. Such substances rot, spoil and generally go rancid or are toxic. This can lead to the bird or other wildlife which comes in contact with it to freezing to death.